Some unique ideas and why some won't work for me.....

Here are some neat ideas. Some I love and some just won't work for me. I do need to get some silicone cups for my car cup holders. I love this idea. 

This is so pretty looking. It would work and I have been keeping my eyes open at yard sales to find the pedestal I can paint. 

Really good idea, but I only own one scarf. And it is a winter one that hangs on the hanger of my coat. So this definitely is not one I would need. 

An awesome idea. But two things....notice how close the items in the cabinet set to the edge of the shelf. Notice how thick the plastic containers are and notice how thin the door is. I don't think it would shut unless you move the stuff on the shelf toward the back of the shelf, reducing usable space. Plus the last time I only owned 6 bottles of nail polish was in the 8th grade when I started polishing my nails I usually have no less than 20 some bottles and at one time had about 50 some bottles. So slots for 6 bottles is a no go.

This is really neat. But I usually just go to the dollar tree and buy my bag and tissue paper as needed. I wouldn't want to take up valuable floor space with a cabinet for this purpose. But it is a nice idea. 

I have a bottle of Aleve, some acid reflux OTC medicine and a package of cold pills. I'm thinking that while this is a good idea I am thankful that I don't need something that will hold that much medicine. 

I am guessing these are soft cotton summer dresses. I have two. I will just stick with a hanger per dress. But if it is tank tops then yes, I have about 10 or 12 tank tops so this is a great idea for them. Especially when I travel to the beach. 

This is pretty neat but I don't have the room for it. Do love the idea though.

What a great way to store paper towels or toilet paper if you store them in bulk. 

I have seen this before and love it. But is it safe to put food in something you spray painted?

Great idea for the snack size chip bags. I buy those a lot so this would be great to keep my variety.

And a wonderful way to keep your trash bags. I may just do this one for sure. 

Have a great Monday. 


ThrifterSisters said...

Have you seen the Dollar Tree cake stand craft? You buy a cute plate and a candle stick holder and glue them together. Instant cake stand! I made a few of these out of pretty old plates I found at the thrift store. So easy and cheap!

Terri D said...

Another great post full of terrific ideas!! I can always count on you to bring us fun things!

shortybear said...

thanks for sharing

Mary Hutchins said...

Great ideas, I saw a few I'll be using. I also want to let you know I had to close my facebook account. I was hacked, the worse ever. So I just shut it down. grrrr Lost everything but it had to be done. Facebook help center was no help. Anyway, I've opened a new facebook I hope and I think is totally disassociated with the old one. I will be sending you a friend request, I will be MaryJane K-Hutchins and the profile picture is a pink M