Top 10 Tuesday

 Top 10 Tuesday

As you know, I love to pin ideas from Pinterest. I decided to go back and look at all my pins today. I was amazed at things I saved on there that I liked and actually bought as well as things I liked that I actually did them successfully. Here were my top 10 of things I saw on Pinterest and followed up with it. 

The one I used the most was the one I saw of having a sparkly accent nail. I do my nails this way so much that it is probably my #1 find on Pinterest that I am so glad I found. 

I liked this one really well. One Valentine's day, I tore up sheets of magazines/catalogs and the kids make cards for their Mommy's on Valentine's made with hearts like this on the front of the card. It was a blast. 

I saw this on Pinterest one day and wanted it to wear to my Thirty-One Conference and I went and found it at Kohl's and ordered it. It was on sale and I had a coupon so I got it for like five bucks or so. It's one of my favorite bracelets when I wear pink.

One day I saw these little deer. We had these when I was little. It may me want some of my own. I went to E-bay and bid on some and got them for a few dollars. 

I like making mini muffins in cinnamon sugar or lemon. So I found a cute jar and put my muffin liners in it because I saw this. 

This one surprises me. I had pinned it because I liked it. Didn't know where it came from. A few weeks after that, I was in JC Penny's and there it was on a rack. So I bought one.

I pinned this tablecloth and then went looking for it. Found it at Kohl's and it is one of my favorite ones now. 

My daughter had a white three tier one of these. When I borrow it now, I use scrapbook paper on the shelves and coordinating paper for whatever the occasion.

I saw this phone case and then found it on Amazon. It was one of my favorite phone cases. 

One year, we made these in Children's Church and Indian headbands and wore them for a Thanksgiving feast.

It was fun to go back and see all the things I have done or purchased from pins. 


Sunday's song...

What better song to feature today than a song about Sunday's from a great Southern Gal. Here is our very own local recording artist, Kelsey Cate, singing her latest hit Sunday's in the South.


I am in VBS mode.....

I have all my vacation stuff washed up and put away. Got all my bags unpacked and stored till next trip. Now to enjoy a wonderful 3 day weekend. Our VBS starts next Sunday which means I will be decorating this week. I am going to have the kids in Children's Church and Ms. Missy's class work on some projects for our sea themed VBS that we can use to decorate the craft room with for VBS. That is if Ms. Missy doesn't have other plans for the kids tomorrow. 

I think the fish in this picture would be great for them to make and then next week we could do some twisty streams for the sea weed. 

Submerged Hallway Decorations - Rebecca Autry Creations:  

And for Children's Church, we can color paper plate sea shells. These look painted, but I believe we will just use sea shells. Ask anybody who knows me, we don't paint and we don't do glitter. I like them both but trying to do that when you only have four tables and about 27 kids, it becomes a nightmare. We drew on black construction paper last week with chalk. What a nightmare. We had to borrow a box of wipees from the nursery to clean everybody up. Who knew chalk was so messy.

Make super cute Paper Plate seashell craft for kids - step by step tutorial  tags - paper plate craft , toddler crafts, Kindergarten craft , ocean study, clams, Ocean crafts , beach party, Ocean week:

In addition to decorating for VBS, I am doing crafts for the 3, 4 and 5 year olds that are pre-K. I get to do them in 3 different groups and there are plenty of helpers. So I have been doing my Pinterest homework. Haven't decided on every night yet, but we are SO doing this one. It is too cute and they can use it in the pool or bathtub. It is sail boats made from pool noodles. 

DIY Pool Noodle Boats- Super fun water activity for the kiddos this summer. Inexpensive and super easy to make. Find all items at the Dollar Store.:

Sometimes it is as much fun to plan VBS as it is to attend it. I would be interested to know how many of my readers work in or attend their VBS. It's not just for the kids. I get a big blessing in being around them and watching them learn. And the program at the end of the week where they have learned the songs and get to perform them is always so entertaining. 


Friday Foto Friends

On the night of May 21st,  at the beach, we got to see the most beautiful scenery ever. The moon rising from the sea. We kept seeing a red dot to the right of it so I went to my trusty friend Google Search and found this: 

May 21 Blue Moon will be near red Mars. This full Blue Moon and the red planet Mars will shine together all night long, from dusk May 21 until dawn May 22. Of course, the moon will be blue in name only. But red Mars will really be noticeably reddish in color, and the full moon and Mars are guaranteed to be spectacular to view on this date. Earth will pass between Mars and the sun on May 22. Astronomers call that an opposition of Mars, because Mars will be opposite the sun, rising at sunset. I had taken some high powered binoculars with us and sure enough, there was Mars...red and glorious. It kept slipping behind the clouds so I didn't get a picture. But here are some beautiful photos of the sky that night as the moon rose out of the sea and the clouds were going by covering and uncovering it. It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments. 

I thought this was a perfect post for Friday Foto Friends.


Tired but happy...

I am so exhausted today. Five days at the beach. Five days of relaxing and unwinding. Five wonderful, glorious, fun filled days. Then a 7 hour drive home and an all nighter of unpacking. 

Love the trip. Hated the putting everything up part when I got home. But happy to say I did find a new piece of Pyrex while I was gone. There is a place I always go called Homespun Crafters Mall that is the best kept secret in Surfside Beach, just a few mile away from Myrtle Beach. It is full of vintage items, handmade items, home decor, fabric and much more. I will share some of my finds with you later, but today I want to share the Pyrex excitement. 


I was looking for several items and one was anything in the Shenandoah pattern. I spotted this baby on a bottom shelf inside a stack of bowls. I don't like to go over $15 for a piece I really, really want but have been known to spend as high as $20 (rarely, but I have done it).  So I bent down, picked it up and held my breath. The price?   A mere $7.00 so I snatched it up so fast it would make your head spin. When I got done shopping, I went up front to pay. As she went to ring it up, she said my favorite words in the world....."This is on sale 20% off" . That's right. I got this baby for $5.60!!!!

I just about screamed with excitement right there at the register. Is this a deal or what?



As I was driving along with a friend yesterday, we were talking about school being out soon. Then we started talking about what all is going on in our lives the next few weeks. THEN I realized VBS is on June 5th. I am in charge of decorating the stage and figuring the crafts for the 3 - 5 year olds. I do believe I need to get busy with planning. So of course, me being me, I headed to Pinterest.

I see a lot of pool noodles in my future. We can cut notches in the noodles to make them spiral like coral reefs.

This is a coral reef made for the The Little Mermaid Jr. The bulk of it is from pool noodles, foam flowers, and the lower flowers are from plastic table cloths.:

These cute little crabs would be good for my children's church kids to make to help decorate.

paper plate crab ocean fish summer craft art:

If we are going to be Submerged then I need to figure out how to make a submarine.

Yellow submarine photo booth:

Some Japanese lanterns (I think that is what they are called) cut in half with some streamers would make some awesome jelly fish.

DIY Paper Lantern Jellyfish Decorations How To

Not to mention some cute fish.

fish paper lantern plus hungry caterpillar lanterns CUTE!!!:

And of course, the ultimate submerged creature....an OCTOPUS. I have decide to get a giant beach ball for his head, painted and with pool noodles for his legs.

Fun octopus made with pool noodles and foam spray! Ocean Commotion decorations #vbs2016:

It appears I have my work cut out for me the next week.


Moving and downsizing advice

After completing a massive downsize move, I feel the need to hand out some advice to a couple of my readers who are going to go through a downsize later this year. My move was not planned, but I had an opportunity I didn't want to pass up so between 2:00 on a Sunday afternoon and 8:30 on a Monday morning, I made the decision to take the offer. 

1. Start now in preparing for it. Moving in a week from a 3 bedroom 2 bath to a 2 bedroom 1 bath is a major undertaking. Especially when you are like me and like your "stuff". How one woman could collect so much stuff is beyond me. Keep in mind I have had 3 yard sales in April so I thought I was done with "stuff". Turns out I was wrong.

2. Everybody I know packs everything in the house that is sitting out or in kitchen/bath cabinets first. If the move is including downsizing to a smaller  home, I recommend to start with your closets first. Don't fall prey to the adage of "I'll move the closet stuff from closet to new closet and sort later." You will get there and realize there are not as many new closets and in some instances not as big as the old closets. Nothing worse than getting organized in your new home, making it all pretty and then realizing you have to stack those extra closet storage containers in a room until you can get a chance to go through them. Do it now. You will wear yourself out if you have to face that after the move is complete. Voice of experience here.

3. I am a very sentimental person. But some things that I was sentimental about was just because I liked them, not because they had a special meaning. And when you don't have enough room for everything, it is amazing how pragmatic you can become and sentimentality takes a back seat really fast.

4. Think before you get excited to find a good size box to pack in. Remember as you are packing that big box, at some point somebody is going to have to lift it or move it. I tried to be very cautious about that and some were a little heavier than others, but the guys that helped me move had no problems in lifting them. The problem came when I had to lift them to move them out of my way or set them on a table or chair to unpack them. Really didn't think that through very well. So be cautious and don't over pack a box.

5. One thing I have always done when I moved was the minute we knew we were moving and had a move date, I went through the entire house and took every single thing off the walls. That way, we had all that done and out of the way. It will amaze you how good you feel when you know you have made a start.

6. About a week before you move, make up your favorite fragrant dish (spaghetti, beef stroganoff, chilli, etc.) Freeze it and have it ready to move from the old fridge to the new fridge. This way, your first official night in your new home you can pop it in the oven and have a delicious dinner without worrying about where is this and where is that and having to clean an entire kitchen in the midst of unpacking.

7. It is also a good idea to pick up some plastic silverware, Solo cups and plates. That way the last couple of days you are packing, you are not facing a pile of dishes to wash before you can pack. And when you get to the new house, you can eat while you are unpacking without having to start accumulating dirty dishes before all the clean stuff is even put away.

8. If you are not going to be using a moving company to move you, it is a good idea to cart as many items as you can that are breakable in your car for the few days before moving day. This way your valuables are not tossed around in a big truck. My daughter and I made sure to bring all my tea pots, tea sets and obviously my Pyrex all in one load so we knew that those all went somewhere safe while the rest of the moving was done.

9. Have fun with it. Don't let it get you down. You will be so excited about your old place, but you will also feel moments of sadness leaving the familiar. I guess it was especially hard on me since that was where we lived when Allen got sick and that's where we spend his last days preparing for the end. In ways that made it harder to leave and in ways it made it easier.

10. Make sure you get a good night sleep every night before, during and after the move. No matter how much you want to get it all done, don't stay up past your normal bedtime to do it. You will be totally exhausted and won't even be able to enjoy the new house.


Sunday Beauty

God can sure make beautiful sun and moon displays.....

A beautiful sunrise this morning....

..... after a gorgeous blue moon and viewing of Mars last night.

He sure knows how to make my day!


One of a kind....

God made us all different and isn't that a great thing? I wouldn't want to be anybody but me. We are each unique in our own way and that is fine. We don't have to be a "cookie cutter mold" of somebody else. We can have our own tastes, our own outlook, our own little quirks. We just need to be who we are, who God created. After all, the we that we are is what makes us .... well, US. Just some cute little photos today to let us all know it is okay to be different. 


Friday Foto Friends

Be sure and visit Ms. Debbie at Friday Foto Friends

Last Saturday, I was at a friends house and we got to watch three little birdies leave the nest. Mom and Dad were flittering about and going crazy so we knew something big was up. this was the first guy to venture out. He sat there for awhile and just flapped his wings, then took flight. He didn't get far before he landed in the grass. Then he started hopping....straight for the busy road! I grabbed a dish towel and headed to the road to "fan" him back. It was working, but slowly when a truck came flying around the curve. I motioned him to stop and showed him why. He got out of his truck and stopped traffic both directions until we could "shoo" the little fellow back to the yard and turned in the other direction. It worked and he hopped around the yard awhile then took flight. Was a beautiful thing to see.

I took this picture late last night a little before dark. The lighting wasn't good and my camera isn't the best in the world. But I just love my mountain view. It's not big and full of grandeur like other views in the county. But that is okay. At least I can see the Smoky Mountains a little from my home. It was a little overcast last night as well, but it's still a view. Just wish I didn't have so many wires in the view. I actually caught a bird in flight and he looks like a black blob in the picture. I will have to try for a better one some day.

Have a happy Friday.


My wish list

One day next week, I am going to be visiting some new antique stores I haven't been to before. I am looking forward to getting back to my Pyrex hunting. I have been trading and selling Pyrex pieces pretty heavy since November. I have my set down to colors and patterns I like of what I had.  

But there are still some colors I do not have that I would like to get. My one piece that I would love to find and would be thrilled even if that is the only thing I find and that is the 403 Friendship mixing bowl.

I wouldn't mind if I found any of the butterfly gold mixing bowls. 


One of these days, I want the Butterprint pattern in the new Pyrex line "Vintage Charm". I started to buy them at the local Corelle outlet and didn't. I need to go back over there and pick up a set. 

I have never cared for the dot bowls in Pyrex, but I love the vintage Hazel Atlas that came in the dots. 

This isn't vintage, but I am on the hunt for the Pioneer Woman's cookie jar. My Walmart has never carried it and when I go to Knoxville to Walmart, I forget to look. I need to put this on my list so I can see if I can find it. 

The Pioneer Woman Charlie 9.6" x 5.8" x 10.04" Cookie Jar

Those are just a few of the things I am looking for. Wish me luck!


Fun in the Sun

As we gear up for the summer season, we look forward to vacations at the beach, long days at the pool relaxing in the sun. So I wanted to share some of my favorite fun in the sun humor. Have a wonderful over the hump day.

And my favorite....a beach selfie.


Several years ago, my sewing machine went caput and I could not find a good deal on one. I didn't want to buy a brand new one because I knew I didn't sew that much. About a year later, my sister mentioned she had bought a new sewing machine since she was taking up quilting. Turns out she didn't use her other machine (which was almost brand new). So she gave it to me. My niece Amy gave me a pretty cover for it that she made. I hurried home and found me a new table at a yard sale for $10 to use for my sewing machine. 

Fast forward 2 years....here I set with my sewing machine still under the pretty cover. Material purchased that I liked but didn't know what to make. Threads and scissors in my pretty sewing box. And I have yet to plug it in and give it a try. I am so ashamed. 

Now that I am getting things settled in and my busy crazy schedule is going to calm down, I am going to start sewing. But I need easy stuff to do because I like to see instant results. I went to Pinterest to get some fun ideas of easy sewing projects. Check out what all I found. 

I really love the ribbon on the dish cloths. What handy gifts for birthdays and Christmas or even part of a wedding shower gift. I could make these up and keep them on hand for those unexpected moments when you need a gift. They would also make wonderful hostess gifts for my Thirty-One parties.