A sign to change the world.....

There used to be a day care in the back part of the building where I work. The playground is still there and there is a sign in the play area. I was walking at lunch and decided to see what it said. When I read it, I decided to take a picture because I believe this is the best sign ever. 

I was thinking about what a better place the world would be if we all applied the playground rules to our adult lives. 

#1 through #4 are some basic rules that I think we should all do. Rule #5....not so much. 

You can't really see for the weeds, but it says.....


Yep, that ain't happening to this old country gal!


Nonnie said...

Haha! Those are great rules. I always was a barefoot girl, too. Here days I have to wear shoes in the back yard. Socks always in the house!

Terri D said...

Great playground rules and I agree about #5. Thanks for sharing your fun find!


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