Another day...

I am downsizing and decluttering my life. I am moving to a small home and getting rid of things I don't need. How in the world did I accumulate so much stuff. As I was packing to move yesterday, my daughter was helping. She summed it up best by saying "Mother, you sure have a lot of crap." As I looked around at all the boxes so far and realize we are only about 1/3 of the way done, I decided I agree. 

Nobody needs this much stuff. Why do I need two desks and two desk chairs. Yes they were great when hubby was still alive and I was working from home a lot. But now? Not so much. 

Why do I need an oak craft table when I do 99% of my crafting on a folding table so I don't get glue or anything on the oak table. (Which by the way, I bought at a yard sale for the sole purpose of crafting on it.)

Let's face it. I just have way to much stuff. 

I went to the new place last nice and measured and designed where the furniture will go in each room. I was so thrilled to see that all my favorite pieces are going to be able to fit quite well and the things that don't fit, I will gladly part with because they actually are rarely used. 

So, anyway, my goal is to get all packed up and move this weekend. I don't want to live out of boxes for much longer than a few days. 


Jeanette said...

We just moved my dad out of the house he lived in for 40 years. Talk about a lot of stuff! My brothers and I took some stuff, we sold some furniture and I am having a epic garage sale this weekend to try to get rid of the rest of it! Good luck with your move!

Terri D said...

Oh my goodness! Did I miss an earlier post that mentioned you were moving?! What a big project and I am so glad you are getting some help from your daughter! I'm facing a move to downsize sometime in the next few months (Fall probably) and I get anxious just thinking about moving from a 3-bedroom to a 2-bedroom and with less storage. Yikes. Please share some advice!!

Nonnie said...

Congratulations on moving and getting rid of stuff! I have been wanting to do that for years, but DH doesn't want to. I can't imagine what it will take to get all of our stuff out of here.

shortybear said...

great job on the moving