Friday Foto Friends

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Last Saturday, I was at a friends house and we got to watch three little birdies leave the nest. Mom and Dad were flittering about and going crazy so we knew something big was up. this was the first guy to venture out. He sat there for awhile and just flapped his wings, then took flight. He didn't get far before he landed in the grass. Then he started hopping....straight for the busy road! I grabbed a dish towel and headed to the road to "fan" him back. It was working, but slowly when a truck came flying around the curve. I motioned him to stop and showed him why. He got out of his truck and stopped traffic both directions until we could "shoo" the little fellow back to the yard and turned in the other direction. It worked and he hopped around the yard awhile then took flight. Was a beautiful thing to see.

I took this picture late last night a little before dark. The lighting wasn't good and my camera isn't the best in the world. But I just love my mountain view. It's not big and full of grandeur like other views in the county. But that is okay. At least I can see the Smoky Mountains a little from my home. It was a little overcast last night as well, but it's still a view. Just wish I didn't have so many wires in the view. I actually caught a bird in flight and he looks like a black blob in the picture. I will have to try for a better one some day.

Have a happy Friday.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Thanks so much for linking up with me today...but I can't see your pictures. 😞 I'll come back later and check again.

Nonnie said...

I love your story about he little bird. We are waiting for the dove's eggs to hatch and see the little ones fly. I was sorry I couldn't view your videos. They wouldn't work for me. I love a mom ntain view.