Happy birthday to my grandson Caleb

We have a new teenager in the family today. My grandson Caleb Michael turns 13 today. They grow up so fast. Here are some of my favorite pictures of him. 

I loved his curly hair. He was such a cutie pie. 

The he had his first hair cut and he started getting that little boy look. He was always smiling and laughing. 

It seems like just yesterday that he was this little. 

One of my favorite pics of our boy and his dog. 

The year he dressed up as a biker for Halloween because his daddy had got a new motorcycle. 

His love of semi-trucks is legendary in the family. The child could start his own fleet he has so many of semi-truck toys. One of his favorite days was getting to set in the big black one with the dump trailer that his Daddy sometimes got to drive. 

On his birthday a few years ago, his Daddy's cousin gave him a $100 for his birthday. He was heading to Bass Pro to get a new fishing rod and the Shriners were taking up donations. He knew a little girl who got burned and the Shriners helped the family go to the burn center. So Caleb decided that since they do such good work, he donated his $100 to their cause. They gave him a plaque (Daddy still made sure he got his new fishing rod.) He was 11 when he did that. 

His Daddy is with the local fire department so Caleb has been raised spending a lot of time at the fire hall. Now that he is old enough, he has joined the Cadets and is having the time of his life. 

He looks so little in his full gear. 

He may be 13 and not a little boy any more, but he still has his laughter and his smile. This was taken recently when he was teasing his mom about her driving. She was giving him a hard time about having to ride with her so he gets in and says: "I'm buckled. Bring on your driving." When she turned around, he had double buckled. Glad to see he still has his silly sense of humor. (Oh, and FYI, she's a good driver. He just likes to tease her.

Happy birthday, Caleb. I love you. 

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Terri D said...

What a great kid y'all have raised!! Happy birthday to him and I just know he will continue to make everyone proud. Awesomeness!