It's was just one of those days.....

Ran late yesterday morning. Made it to work to find out our toilets were clogged and plumber couldn't come till the next day. Which meant walking down the strip to the laundromat when necessary. 

My work computer has Windows XP and every other day it can't find the server. Yesterday was one of those days so every time I needed a file somebody had to email it to me. Solving that problem today with a laptop and a flash drive.

Went to Colby's game and had a very relaxing time. Since I am still not completely unpacked I couldn't find my umbrella, but  oh well, it was beautiful day with beautiful blue skies. No biggy. Till the clouds turned dark and the sky was a little overcast and the rain hit. But at the first sprinkle I went under the overhang of the dug out and could still watch. It didn't last long. 

Headed home and stopped at Taco Bell to grab a quick supper of a mexi-melt with light on the cheese. Obviously they don't understand the meaning of the word "light". It was an ooey gooey mess and as much as I love cheese, I don't love it thick and gooey. 

Got to the house and had several friends call to chit chat, which I loved, but didn't get as much done in my unpacking as I had hoped. 

So I finally decided to go to bed and get up early to put in a couple hours unpacking before I went to work. Set my alarm for 5:00 only to wake up to pouring down rain and thunder. Felt so good that I snuggled in and reset for 5:30. 

Woke up at 7:40 to find I had set it for PM not AM. Then I go to Facebook and see this....

Sounds about right.

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Terri D said...

Friday the 13th has never been a problem for me and the full moon is only bad for werewolves! It's all about attitude! I think taking your time with the unpacking is just fine. Get it done the way you want and you won't have to mess with it again. I remember feeling fine with the kitchen and bedroom done. What else do you really need...besides an umbrella?!! Glad you decided to go to the game.