Friday Foto Friends

On the night of May 21st,  at the beach, we got to see the most beautiful scenery ever. The moon rising from the sea. We kept seeing a red dot to the right of it so I went to my trusty friend Google Search and found this: 

May 21 Blue Moon will be near red Mars. This full Blue Moon and the red planet Mars will shine together all night long, from dusk May 21 until dawn May 22. Of course, the moon will be blue in name only. But red Mars will really be noticeably reddish in color, and the full moon and Mars are guaranteed to be spectacular to view on this date. Earth will pass between Mars and the sun on May 22. Astronomers call that an opposition of Mars, because Mars will be opposite the sun, rising at sunset. I had taken some high powered binoculars with us and sure enough, there was Mars...red and glorious. It kept slipping behind the clouds so I didn't get a picture. But here are some beautiful photos of the sky that night as the moon rose out of the sea and the clouds were going by covering and uncovering it. It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments. 

I thought this was a perfect post for Friday Foto Friends.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, mercy, those pics are gorgeous. I especially love the ones where the sky is black and that big blue moon. And, what better place to get a pic than at the beach. I'm pretty envious over here. ;-) I added your photos to our link-up. HOPE you have a great weekend....stay safe!

Sandi said...


Terri D said...

WOW...absolutely beautiful!

Nonnie said...

Those really are perfect! Great shots.

Mary Hutchins said...



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