Very Pinteresting...

I needed a break this morning so I did what I enjoy doing...went to Pinterest for ideas. 

One of the first things that popped up was a bunch of Bullet Journal ideas. Now I don't know about the rest of you but all these different types of journals confuse me. I think they are basically to do lists on various dates. In my day, we called it a calendar. I've got that under control. What I would like instead of how to journal is how to write as neat as these people who show these journals. 

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread alternative:

I have several cutting boards and lots of cookie sheets and cooling trays. I love this idea.

Really, really love these rack shelves for storing cutting boards, trays, and racks.:

Command Hooks and wire baskets are a good idea for organizing under the sink.

Make all that under-the-sink space work for you with the help of Command hooks and a little basket.:

Love the little tension rods to hang stuff on.

Use a tension shower curtain rod (only $8!) under the sink for hanging bottles of cleaner. This blog has other great kitchen organizing tips!:

For some reason cabinets under kitchen sinks are always BLAH. But I saw an idea where one lady spruced hers up with contact paper. Too cute.

Another lady purchased some peel off linoleum squares to put on the bottom of her sink. Love this idea.

Looks like they used a big metal tray.

Well, I got some good ideas today. 


Jeanette said...

Those are great ideas! I love the one with the hooks and basket under the sink. I just may do that!

Terri D said...

Those are definitely some good ideas. Don't we all have cookie sheets, baking stones, lids, etc., etc., that are hard to store?! I love, love, love the velcro hooks and even used them for curtain rods in the bedrooms. You just have to watch the weight limits. Good finds!