Happy birthday to my Mom

Words cannot express how blessed I am that God gave me my Mom. She has been my rock, my friend, my confidante, my life. 

So many, many wonderful childhood memories. To me, we had the best childhood ever. Mom made breakfast for us every day. We got a great lunch packed for school and a good hot meal at night. She makes the best mashed potatoes in the world. And I would drive 5 hours today just to get her meatloaf and baked beans if I could. 

Nobody can make the no-bake oatmeal cookies like my Mom can. And her biscuits melt in your mouth. My cousins all got together a few years back and spend the morning with her letting her teach them how to make her biscuits. 

She could sew like you wouldn't believe. We had lots of gorgeous Easter dresses she made for us, lot of cute shorts and tops and summer jammies. She made our Barbie's some of the prettiest outfits you ever saw. 

She's the queen of the chocolate milk shake. So much so that sometimes when we go in to visit, we schedule one night for mom to make milkshakes.

My childhood was filled with hugs and kisses. Lots of laughter and giggles. And more love than there are grains of sand.

She is the perfect Mom. Her love knows no bounds. We were never criticized or talked down to. She taught us all that we could do or be whatever we wanted and she always showed pride in our achievements no matter how big or how small. 

Words can never ever express how wonderful it is to have a mom who loved us and Daddy so much and showed it in a million ways. She is 86 years old today and still going strong. She has 4 children, 11 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren. And all the Grands and Great Grands love their Mamaw Helen just as much as her children love her. 

Happy birthday, Mommy. We all love you so much. 


Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday to your mom. I see from your post that you are very much aware of how blessed you are to still have your mom with you.

Terri D said...

This is such a beautiful tribute for your dear mother! What a blessing that you still have her with you!! Happy birthday to your mom!!

shortybear said...

Happy Birthday to your dear mom.

Nonnie said...

That's beautiful. Makes me think of my mom and how wonderful she was.