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Monday morning....

I woke up at 3:30 Sunday morning and couldn't go back to sleep so I got up. My plan was to to take a nap before VBS yesterday. But after taking my grandchildren home, I got my craft ready for VBS for Sunday night, ate a snack, did a load of laundry and then it was time to leave. I didn't go to bed until 11:30 last night. That's about 20 hours with no sleep. I was exhausted. I was trying to go through all my weekend pictures to post the fun I've had. But I kept nodding my head and knew I needed to get to bed. Started VBS last night and I am already exhausted. In looking at my schedule this week, I do believe I will be able to schedule some rest after 4:00 Saturday. 

Moving slow this morning, but I need to get going. 


shortybear said...

enjoy your week

Terri D said...

I know that feeling. Rest when you can! Sometimes just a 20-minute nap helps a whole lot! Take care!!

nonie everythingsewing said...

Your one busy lady. I know, you know the saying "take time to take care of yourself".