The A-B-C's of Me

I saw this on Facebook and thought it would be a fun thing to do on my blog. I challenge you to do this post on your blog and leave a comment with your blog link so we can learn about each other. Here we go...

Twenty six things about me...

A- Age: 59
B- Biggest fear: watching someone die again
C- Current time: 6:32 a.m. EST
D- Drink you last had: Chocolate milk
E- Every day starts with: A glass of chocolate milk
F- Favorite song: Amazing Grace - My Chains are Gone
G- Ghosts ? : Never did until I worked in an old dyalisis building. Oh the stories I could tell.
H- Hometown: Kodak, TN now, but my whole childhood was Barboursville, WV
I- In love?: Still in love with my hubby. Miss him daily.
J- Jealous of: Not really a jealous person, but I do get envious when I see couples my age holding hands. Makes me miss hubby that much more. 
K- Killed Someone?: No
L- Last time you cried: Sunday when Clint sang Amazing Grace - My Chains are Gone at church
M- Middle name: Kay
N- Number of siblings: 1 older sister and 2 younger brothers
O- One wish: to be a better Christian 
P- Person you last called: my friend Georgeanna
Q- Question you're asked: Are you still collecting Pyrex? Amazed at how often people ask me that. And the answer is....OF COURSE.
R- Reason to smile: My grandchildren
S- Song last sang: Just as I Am at church Sunday
T- Time you woke up: 5:30 a.m.
U- Underwear color: Hot pink
V- Vacation destination: The Beach or Mom's house
W- Worst habit: jumping to conclusions
X- X-Rays you've had: Wrist, teeth
Y- Your favorite food: pizza
Z- Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Hope you join in the fun and post a link to your blog in the comments. (I don't know how to do a Linky thing).

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Terri D said...

That was fun!! I'll try to work this in next week, since I already have the next few days covered. I'm a Sagittarius too!