Top 10 Tuesday

Some fun ideas for crafts that would be super simple and in many cases, you probably have some of the stuff for them laying around the house. These are adorable.

I would imagine this would be a wonderful sound as a wind chime.

I love when they glue jars to candle sticks. It's too cute.

Cheap ways to make your apartment look chic and nice! You do not have to spend a lot to make your apartment feel more like home! Follow these easy and simple DIY and decorating tips to create a home you are proud to show off to guests!:

Kleenix holders that are adorable. These would be a cute gift idea for someone you just want to brighten their day.

Mason Jar Tissue Holders | <a href="http://landeelu.com" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">landeelu.com</a> Such a cute and easy way to have tissues in any room! And you can decorate the mason jar however you want to fit into any decor!

I love this. And it would be easy to find the items at yard sales and thrift stores. So you wouldn't have much in them. 

Easy tutorial for taking items from the thrift store and making a distressed vintage-looking tiered jewelry tray.:

You all know how much I love my teapots. I am definitely going to do this. And I have everything I need right here at the house. So it won't cost a thing. Even have some stuffing for the pin cushion.

vintage teapot sewing caddy with hidden pincushion, crafts, diy, repurposing upcycling:

I love these scrapbook paper clipboards. Too adorable. 

I love this simple idea: embellish old clipboards with vintage (or new) paper to bring your personality to the office!:

I have posted this before but never got around to making it. I need to see what kind of ribbon and fabric I have.

American Flag With Stars and  Vintage Lace & Ribbon Stripes fun idea for the 4th of July party..:):

Oh my gosh! This is the ultimate birdhouse for somebody like me that likes books. I am going to accumulate some old books at yard sales to go with some I already have and try this. 

Bookish: Upcycled & Repurposed Books and Pages:

And last but not least, I am forever seeing little plates and saucers for just .25 - .50 cents at yard sales. I love them but don't buy them because I don't have a use for them. Well, I will now. 

DIY Dessert stand from thrift store plates and candlesticks:

There you have it. My top 10 for this Tuesday.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, mercy....I would love to do the book birdhouse for Jess....and definitely want to do the flag....I've had that pinned forever and Jess wanted it, too. I'm sensing a trend here....most of the things I make don't get to stay at MY house!!! ;-)

Terri D said...

I always get excited when you post these glorious finds! Love the teapot sewing catch-all and the plates and bowls glued to the candlesticks are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!