Friday Foto Friends...

What a more appropriate post on Friday Foto Friends than to reshare what Ms. Debbie who hosts Friday Foto Friends shared with me on Facebook. She knows I love nail polish. Talk about something easy to make. 

Speaking of nail polish, I just bought me some hot pink, white and sparkling silver/gray. I need it for my nails for conference. We always do our nails in something than just one solid color for conference. It's almost a tradition. Now I just need to decide what unique way to do my nails. I like this one really well, but I would make the white nail a pink nail with the white dots. But I could never do the strips that neat.

Absolutely positively love this one but have no clue how they did that criss cross pattern so it's out, but it's just so neat I had to share it.

I like this one, but would leave the heart off. Although, believe it or not, I can do the heart. I have a tiny hole punch for scrapbooking that is a little heart. You punch the heart out of a piece of washi tape and put on the nail with the polish there. Then you paint over the washi tape hole with the color you want the heart. After it dries, lift off the tape and you have the heart like this. But it is time consuming. But other than the heart, this is the design I'm doing. Just going to use hot pink instead of pale pink.


Mary Hutchins said...

This is a 'neat' lamp. I really like the pink and grey nail, the ones in the last picture!

Terri D said...

I think for conference you could treat yourself to a professional who could do those stripes or the basket-weave design for you! Really cute! There is no way I could do any of those myself, so my hat is off to you for being so careful and creative! Love the polish lamp! Very clever!!

Debbie Huffaker said...

I love pink and gray together. I use the glittery polish sometimes, but it's sooooo hard to get back off. It sticks like super glue! LOL HOPE you have a great time at the conference. I know another young lady who is going, Ms. Krista. Link up your post and be in the drawing for a "grown-up" coloring book and pencils!


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