My UPS man is my hero...

My UPS guy came by yesterday and now it looks like Thirty-One exploded in my living room yesterday. A lot of ladies were excited when they saw me post it on Facebook. Will be making deliveries today.

I know I was beyond excited to get my new bag. I am in love with the little chick icon. This is the Go To Tote which is my favorite bag they make. I am going to use this for our National Conference this year. 

That was one of my free products. The other one was this adorable wristlet. It matches really well with the purse.  

Since I had the red and blue theme going, I went through all my makeup mini zipper pouches and found a red one to go with the new ensemble. This will be my new favorite out and about products. I am loving them all. 

Funny thing about the Chick. If you select one line of personalization, it goes right across the middle of the chick and you can't really see it good. A friend of my suggested two lines with the asterick just to see what happened....and WAH LAH! A chick with a hair bow.  And check it out, my font I chose, makes it look like the dot on the eye is on the stomach. Oh wow! My birdie has a bow AND a belly button. LOL. Have an awesome Wednesday.

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Terri D said...

I'm so excited to get my Go To Tote!! I didn't get personalization because I like to sport one of my many cat pins on it. I already know one of the pieces I want when I finish my party. It's like Christmas in July!!