An update from Mom's house...

My mother is 86 years old now and still going strong. That's where my sister and I get our love of crafting and why we love having "stuff" decorating our houses. My sister was over at Mom's the other day and she sent me some pictures of some of the things Mom's been doing. Check out her two birdhouses she painted. She gets various wood item non-finished at A.C. Moore and makes them into decor for her home. I love the little birds she found to put in them.

She bought this lantern box and made this cute candle holder out of it. The picture with the five kids are my brother Andy's grandchildren. They are 5 of Mom's 17 great grandchildren.

One time when she was antiquing with my sister she found this vintage embroidered table scarf. She decided to redo the table centerpiece and this is the result. (Now you know why I always do a centerpiece on my table.)

She picked up this little tray at AC Moore and redid her coffee table decoration. I like how she has assorted containers on it.

But here latest hobby is the adult coloring books. She is very talented with it. Mom always loved coloring with her grandchildren and she is loving these new adult coloring books. I love this display. The beautiful Easter lilies with the framed coloring page is so pretty. We always had these on these flowers growing on the hillside when I was growing up.

And my favorite is her display of her artwork of colorings. She found one of the books that had bible verses on them. Isn't this adorable. 

I love when my sister sends me updates on what Mom has been doing. 


Terri D said...

No wonder you are so creative!! I'm sure that these projects are keeping her young! You are so blessed to have her still in your life!!

Sandi said...

Inspiration! I may give coloring books like these as a gift to my Mom. Hmm...thanks for the idea!

Rachel said...

I love her coloring pages. Didn't, you love the picture Aunt Frances gave her? I thought that was so pretty.