Corelle crazy...

I love keeping little packs of cookie mix that makes just 12 cookies. I woke up Sunday craving cookies so I made chocolate chip and peanut butter ones. I love my Corelle platter. This was in a set Mom has had her whole life and she gave it to me the platter a few years ago.

I love Corelle patterns...old patterns and new patterns. When I moved I got rid of a lot of dishes and my goal is collect assorted dinner plates, salad plates and dessert plates until I have a set of 12 on each one. There is an antique store that has a booth that is nothing but Corelle and they have tons of it. The most expensive pieces are just $2.50 which is cheaper than Walmart. I went antiquing Monday and bought these two salad plates to add to my stock. 

And these two dinner plates. (FYI the one on the right is the Woodland pattern from Pyrex.)

I could pair these two as a coordinating set.

And these two together. I am trying to get mix matches pieces that compliment each other in some way so when the whole family comes over, I can set the table.

Of course the blue plate also goes good with this red dinner plate I already had.

And the little blue flowered one is a good compliment to the blue and yellow one I just got.

I normally like the blue one with this black plate I got my last trip to that antique store.

I can't wait to go back again this week and pick up a couple more. If you are ever in Kodak/Sevierville, you need to visit the upstairs section at Heartland Antiques. That is my go to place for my Corelle.


Terri D said...

What a great idea to match up the mixed patterns like that! You are too creative, my friend. I love copying your ideas!! LOL

Sandi said...

This inspired me. I made coconut flour almond butter cookies with Stevia. Hmm...good, but it's not the same. ;) Now I want to make the chocolate chips cookies...the real deal, but...sigh...shouldn't. Ha ha!

jcamp78 said...

I am working on the same. I have had good luck finding Corelle dishes at thrift stores. Love what you have so far.