My love affair with Colonial Mist Pyrex

In July 1983, Pyrex released the Colonial Mist pattern to accompany the Corelle Dinnerware with the same name (which I didn't know existed until the other day). It was the last opal Pyrex pattern ever designed before production ceased in 1986. From then on, Pyrex no long manufactured opal pieces. The colored opal pieces were first released in 1946 or 1947. But in 1983, when they released their new Colonial Mist pattern, Allen and I were holding our first Thanksgiving dinner in our home. We purchased this set to use for serving bowls at our Thanksgiving dinner his family was coming to. When we went shopping for serving bowls, these were the ones that both of us fell in love with.

But like a fool many many years ago, we didn't use them any more so we sold them in a yard sale. Flash forward to 2012 when I started collecting Pyrex vintage pieces. My main goal was to slowly get all the pieces so I could have the Colonial Mist Cinderella set back again. I found my first piece in November 2012. Then for Christmas, Allen got me another piece to the set. Then a lady in my trade group traded me for one and finally in January 2013. I completed my set. It now holds a place of honor on my kitchen wine rack. 

When I started collecting the vintage Pyrex mixing bowls, I decided I wanted the Colonial Mist in that pattern as well. It was alternating like the Cinderella with blue on white or white on blue. 

In addition, they released these not just as sets, but as individual bowls came in solid blue with white flowers on all four bowls. Which means the 402 and 404 came both ways. I set out to collect the entire blue set which would look like this. 

I have the smallest three. I am on a quest to find the 404, the large bowl in the blue background set. This is very elusive. For some reason, people rarely part with the 404 bowls in any pattern.

But now that I almost have all of those, I am thinking I may still look for the white background in the 402 and 404. We shall see.

Here is the ad from Pyrex when they released all the Colonial Mist pieces in the 1980's. Be still my heart.

In my quest for Corelle dinner plates, I was looking at all the past patterns one day on the internet. Imagine my look of sheer delight when I found out that there were actually dishes with my lovely Colonial Mist pattern.

I even saw the coffee cup and saucer.

Be still my heart! I have got to find these somewhere. Maybe I need to put these on my Christmas wish list but I figure they will be hard to find.  

They even created a line of the drinking glasses to match. I need to go antiquing again...SOON! 

Now you know my favorite Pyrex pattern and why I love it so. Does anyone have any favorite patterns in their collection?


Debbie Huffaker said...

So pretty....HOPEfully tomorrow I can show the Indian Summer and Spice O Life Corelle and Corning Ware. I'll try....gotta mow today. I'm killing myself since Jack's gone back to work....I stay busy when he's not home. ;-)

Terri D said...

No to collecting and no to a favorite pattern, but I will watch for these now that you have shown us! Good luck!

Mary Hutchins said...

Beautiful pattern. Hope you find the pieces you need!! I can't see pyrex without thinking of you!

Gail Travis said...

When we came to the Smokies a few years ago we stayed at the Holiday Inn in Kodak. I live in middle TN close to the AL state line.
I love all the old pyrex sets, especially the pink and turquoise ones. There is usually a piece in my refrigerator with leftovers. I received a pink daisy 1.5 oval covered casserole as a wedding present many years ago.

Unknown said...

I have 2 of the 404 large blue bowls in brand new condition, I was trying to find out if they were worth anything when I found your post