Not just for children any more....

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to color. 

And if we got to buy the box of 64 that had it's own crayon sharpener, we were in heaven.

I was thrilled when the new rage of adult coloring books hit the stands. But alas, crayons to not work well. You need colored pencils which I don't like coloring with. 

So someone told me the other day, they now have additional activities books for adults. Ones like Fashion Design and Dot to Dot. 

So I am thinking about that last night and trying to decide to I want to look for a dot to dot? Would I be happy or challenged or feel a sense of accomplishment if I just connected dots? Then it hit me. If the point of these children's joys being okay to do as an adult, why can't I make pot holders again with the weaving loom like I used. Two of my favorite potholders I use all the time were two my grandson made me when he was a little boy and I had bought one and he loved doing it. 

So I'm stopping at Hobby Lobby today and getting me a loom. With my 40% off, I can get one for just about $4 including tax.

Which also means I need to buy a pack of crochet hooks to loop them off the loom when I'm done. FYI this thrills me because I have longed to learn to crochet just so I could buy some pretty aluminum hooks. Now I can. 

But if I'm going back to my childhood for relaxation, my kitchen floor is perfect for playing Jacks. So I many just look into getting a set of those as well.

Wow, I'm so excited for some new things to do. This is going to be more fun than a Barrel of Monkeys.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Lol.....I kept thinking of something to comment, then you'd change your train of thought.....I kept up, though. I love to color, too. I heard the prism pencils, I think that's the name, are the best. I always loved making pot holders.....hadn't thought about that in a long time. Mom would never buy me that box with a sharpener. As for jack rocks....I was a champion at that until....I accidentally left one in the floor and my Daddy stepped on it....barefotted. 😢 Thanks for the memories.

Nonnie said...

Love this! I bought a coloring book for adults at Mardel and a big box of colored pencils. I completed one picture and half of another before deciding that isn't my cup of tea or barrel of monkeys. I would love to be able to crochet. Happy hooking to you! Haha!