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On the prowl....

Spent some time prowling around the internet looking for things that catch my eye. Check out this adorable set of rooster nesting bowls that are vintage Federal. I can't believe I have never seen these before. On the wish list now.

I am so excited about October when Thirty-One is releasing their Holiday Gift Guide. We saw a preview of it at conference and it was amazing. This is just a few of the big line of items they are introducing in October. Can't wait. 

I have been hearing about for quite awhile now and have actually met a couple of people who make purchases on there. So I decided to check it out. They have some amazing deals. But this made me laugh. I freeze to death in our office. And they tell me it is even colder in there in the winter. I keep threatening to buy gloves to type with. Think these might be over the top though. 

Oh my goodness, a Corelle piggy bank in their most famous pattern. How cute is he. Somebody in my Corelle group bought him on E-bay for just $4.00. I'd say she got a good deal.

I love this Christmas bowl. 

A friend of mine got some knitting looms from a friend of hers. She gave her two sets so she passed one set on to me. I tried one of them out and they are going to be super simple to use. I need to find me some patterns now.

Here is one I saw on the internet. It looks like it would be a pretty scarf not to mention easy to make.

I saw this winter headband you could wear instead of a hat or ear muffs. This may be something I could make. We will just have to wait and see.

Hope you have a great Wednesday.


Terri D said...

I had to go check out Wow!! Those gloves would make for a few chuckles at your work, I'm sure! You will have fun with those knitters. Keep us posted on your creations!