Weekend wrap up...

I came home one evening last week and had all this by my door. 

The long package was a fall serving tray. I have a friend that I swap items with occasionally that we are going to get rid of with each other. She had dropped off this wonderful tray. 

And the bag was from her with this cute pumpkin and little candles. The candles actually work and the "flame" has a spooky face on them for Halloween.

And I was super excited when she included some of her famous tea cakes that she bakes. I was thrilled to get some of them from the recent batch.

The box was some free books I had gotten from Samaritan's Purse. I have had a couple of these before, but someone borrowed them before I got to read them and I told them to keep them. So I finally got around to ordering me some more. 

I also wanted to show you this recipe book I picked up at a thrift store. It has the recipe of what to put in the jar and then recipe cards printed out (3 copies of each recipe) that you can tie to the jar as a gift. It's really neat. 

Saturday on my way to work, I stopped by the Dollar General to look for a plastic tablecloth. I just wanted a cheap plastic one for a little work table I use in the kitchen. Since I have sunflowers on my curtains and fall is just around the corner. I decided on this one along with this new dish towel for fall. 

I love when I can use PIA (Pyrex in Action) for my meals. The sunflower casserole dishes is holding my homemade bacon gravy warm while I fry some eggs. It was all delicious. 

That was my lunch for Sunday because I was afraid I would not feel like cooking it for supper and I really wanted it bad. Then afterwards I made a Duncan Hines Swiss Chocolate cake with my homemade chocolate icing. It was out of this world. 

Seriously thinking about offering a dessert service for people who need cakes, cookies and simple desserts for gatherings and don't have time to make them. Just basic items, nothing elaborate and fancy. Hmmm, something to consider.


Sylvia said...

Friends are a blessings! That cake looks so good.
Just dropped by from "Visits With Mary".
Have a blessed Sunday!


Terri D said...

Be careful offering baking services! I used to do cakes for friends and family and it ended up being my business for almost four years (until I just couldn't stand it any more!). Food service is unforgiving and never ending!! I'm glad I did it, but would never do it again! Your cake does look delicious and I love your table setting! Getting packages by the door is always great fun!!