What to do, what to do?

Yesterday I didn't have to be a work until 2:00 p.m. because I was on a different shift for that one day. On Monday, I was off work and I cleaned my house and caught up all my laundry. Even took some time to work on re-organizing some new craft supplies. I wasn't in the mood to watch TV and I had just finished my book and wasn't in a mood to start a new one. 

So I kept thinking "what to do, what to do?" And my mind wandering like it always does put the thought in my head "I wonder what size Christmas tree will go in my new place this year." Which let me to wonder where I am even going to put the Christmas tree? So I walked into the living room to take a look at the furniture layout and realized I wish I could somehow put it in front of my front window. 

So I slid some furniture out and rearranged it and wah-lah! I now can move a tea cart and a small shelf during the holidays and my tree has a perfect place to go. 

And I can't believe how much floor space it opened up.

I am so happy. Now I just have to get me a new tree. I sold the one I got last year because it was so huge. Time to start getting ideas and then scope out the Black Friday ads when Thanksgiving rolls around so I can get a good deal.


Terri D said...

Whoa!! It's amazing what moving just a few things around can do for a room! I love the new look and now you DO have room for your Christmas tree! Good job!

Debbie Huffaker said...

That's so funny....the 98 days till Black Friday part, I mean. I usually do a bit of shopping that day myself, but in my old age I find I like to do it online....LOL