Yo Yo's

I went through a yo yo spell a couple of years ago and I did several small projects. Then life got in the way and I got sidetracked on something else. I want to get back to making yo yo's. I love t his pillow idea only instead of the fabric flower, I would use some fabric yo yo's in beach style material and put this on my bed.

And for anybody who has little girls that love Minnie Mouse, this would be so cute for a hair bow or on a shirt.

This key chain is a cute idea and would make an adorable "thinking of you" gift. But first I have to make myself one since I love cutesy bee things. 

This is a cute idea. And you could buy a pillow or blanket it and trim it out or embellish it with yo yo's.

Too cute. 

Oh my I love the cat. 

I bet the trees would be easy and simple to make.

But I think I like this one better.

Oh my gosh these are just the most adorable owls ever.

This would be a cute idea to put on as a bow on a Christmas gift.

So many dreams and plans to craft. So many wonderful ideas. So little time. 


Terri D said...

Very cute ideas!! I've never made yo-yos so would have to find the instructions....and the time! Maybe once I retire!! :)

The Thirty-One orders came today!!! Love my new things and will deliver the three orders that came to me, tomorrow.

Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, those little owlies....adorable. I have a sweatshirt that a friend made me many years ago. It's a Santa face and hat made out of yo-yo's. She was a school teacher and taught Special Ed and let the kids do the yo-yo's for her projects. I think they got really tired of it, though. LOL