A new look for a new season....

I got up and walked outside this morning for my daily view of the mountains and it was cool. That can only mean one thing.... No matter what the calendar says the date is, fall is almost here. To me, that means I have a right to change my blog to fall now instead of waiting till some date determined by the sun/moon/planets/calendar, whatever determines it.

I love every season, but fall is my favorite time of year. The cooler temperatures. The apple harvest so everybody can make apple butter.

The leaves start changing. And believe me, in the Great Smoky Mountains we get some beautiful views of the leaves changing.

It's football time in Tennessee so that means a sea of orange everywhere you go. They couldn't have picked a better color for the fall.

Pumpkins are starting to pop up in the pumpkin patches and at the stores for sale.

Mums galore everywhere you look.

Yes, fall is my favorite time of year.


Terri D said...

I LOVE your new background!! Great photos, and it's nice that it is cooling off for you up there! We're still hot and humid here....come on October!

Jan said...

Fall's my favorite too! These are beautiful pictures!

Renee said...

Love your new blog look!