Happy Fall Y'all...

Happy fall y'all! 

In the middle of this picture is a fall fabric I picked up to make a runner for my kitchen bakers rack. As the lady was cutting the fabric, she said that earlier that day she had put out some dishtowels in housewares that matched this exactly. So I went over and picked up a couple of the dishtowels....and they did match exactly! I was so excited about that and especially since the fabric and all of it was around $4.00.

My dining room table has blue carpet and has blue in the wallpaper border, which I plan to replace this winter. So in the meantime, I was trying to figure  out my table for fall. I cannot find a tablecloth I like, so I am using blue and orange to tie in the blue in the dining room, but add the orange for fall. These are just the cheapy plastic placemats, but they will serve the purpose till I find what I want.

Then I put my fall flowers in Mamaw Eden's McCoy pitcher and put it on my tray I use for decorating the middle of the table. I added the pumpkin dishtowel Mom or Rachel one made for me. I also found these cute little hours for a dollar each and my new little toothpick holder with blue. 

It tied it in okay, but I still think my dining room is bland. I am going to have my daughter and daughter-in-law help me figure out a new theme for it when they come over tomorrow night.

I got my fall stuff on my coffee table with my no sew runner I made a few years ago.

And my little harvest angel is out for the fall months. She will stay out till Christmas.

I still have a few more things to put out, but this is a start. A few weeks ago, I did some shopping on my day off. I can't remember what I posted and what I didn't. Here's an update. I did get this cute tea candle holder for Halloween. I'll be sitting it out in October.

And I picked up some more material to makes some friends the no-sew runners they wanted. I love the little costs.

Have a great Thursday.


Mary Hutchins said...

Love your fall décor, everything looks great. Great find on the material and dish towels to match. Happy Fall !!

Terri D said...

I had to give up putting out decorations because the cats think everything is a toy. They can't blame the dog because we don't have a dog! LOL I love how you decorate for the seasons! Be sure to do a before and after when your girls help you decide what to do in the dining room!

Rachel said...

Love it all! Really love the material!