Saturday morning....

I am having a great morning relaxing with the grandbabies before I go to work this afternoon. Last night we had Frosties from Wendy's for dessert. When it came time to eat them, it made me crave peanut butter cookies (guess it was blog post the other day with all the baking.) Anyway, I had one of those little packages that you just add oil and water and makes 12 cookies. So I whipped some up at 9:30 at night while we were watching Monster High Freaky Fusion. They were perfect.

Then this morning, The Grands wanted pancakes for breakfast. But when I went to get the package mix I always keep on hand, I was out. So I went to my trusty cookbook that Mom gave me and Allen back int he early 80's when we got married. 

And found the recipe for homemade pancakes.

When Alexis took her first bite, she had a look of wonder on her face and her eyes lit up. I wish I had had my camera handy. They all agreed that they want me to make homemade pancakes from now on. No more package mix. I have to admit, they didn't take long to make and they were so good. I did have to substitute regular milk for the buttermilk, but they were perfect. 

I am heading out to work afterwhile. It is the Grand Rod Run and some of the people from the Shades of the Past Rod Run last weekend stayed over. I expect there will be a lot of traffic.

It's going to be a great day.


Nonnie said...

Sounds like you had a really good time with the grands. That recipe is identical to mine and the reaction from our grandkids is the same. It's the only way to go. I mix up the dry and keep in my pantry so all I have to do is add the wet ingredients when they come. I made peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies and butter pecan cookies and have them all in the freezer just waiting for someone to ask for one!

Terri D said...

Special time with the grands is priceless!! You can make your own "buttermilk" by putting a tablespoon of vinegar in each cup of regular milk. Just stir it and let it sit for a couple of minutes.