Sentimental Saturday

My sister recently posted on Facebook a picture of those beloved (dreaded) sponge rollers from our childhood. We had our hair washed on a regular bases, but Saturday we got the full treatment. Mom would wash our hair and roll it on those old pink sponge rollers.

Sometimes they were left to dry naturally and sometimes we sat under Mom's hair dryer.

It was always Prell shampoo and sitting quietly while we watched The Lone Ranger and Sky King. 

And many times, I can remember we got a Tootsie Pop to lick on while we watching those Saturday favorites.

And if you got one with the Indian on the wrapper it would bring you luck.

Oh what sweet memories those pink curlers brought to mind.


Terri D said...

Sweet memories, indeed!!

Jan said...

Oh, this brings back so many memories. My Saturdays were spent the same way. I remember watching T.V. while my mom rolled my hair on those. They sure were uncomfortable to sleep on!

Rachel said...

OMG! I can remember all that like it was yesterday. Good ole prell shampoo. Mom never bought anything else but that. Sometimes we would go to bed with our hair still wet with those curlers and wake up with damp hair. LOL!