Weekend wrap up...

I made up for my three day weekend last weekend by working all weekend this week. But that was because we were going to be extremely busy at work and I was learning some new stuff so I told them I would be happy to work if they needed me. It was an 8 hour day Saturday, 10 hours on Sunday and 9 hours on Monday. I'm back to normal hours now but I am still recuperating from the weekend. 

I started Saturday morning off by making my famous Reese peanut butter brownie trifle. It's always been a huge favorite anywhere I take it.

But this is the first time the entire bowl was gone in less than 30 minutes. Guess I need to double the recipe the next or just not take it on a day that we have double the employees working. 

I worked late and knew I was too exhausted to fix supper so I stopped at Shoney's and had the breakfast bar for supper before coming home.

Sunday I went to church then headed into work. We had four shows Sunday at the dinner theater and I was helping out with the groups, the seating and the surveys. That involved 4 times of walking 1/2 of the arena up and down five flights of stairs and across 6 full sections of seating, which was one half of the arena. That was in addition to my spending some time on my normal job in the call center handling reservations. I have got to get a pedometer to see how many miles I walk per show. This is the most fun I have ever had getting my exercise in. 

One thing I learned from helping with the new part of my job, is I am investing in some Skecher's on my first day off with memory foam in them.

Monday, somebody posted some new Pyrex bowls that were just released. They are the modern clear storage bowls, only they have added the Butterprint pattern and the Snowflake Garland pattern on them.  Some lady went to three Walmarts to get enough for all her friends that collected. I tried our Walmart. They don't have them yet.

So I headed to our Corningware Factory Outlet. They didn't have them in yet but he is expecting them any day. But they did have this...The Pyrex Charms Corelle dishes int he new Butterprint, Friendship, and Dots patterns. Be still my heart. I fell in love. 

I will definitely pick up some pieces of this.

Along with a couple of the little ramekin size bowls. This is perfect for when I want melted cheese and chips/crackers for a snack.

I hit it off with the two managers that working and got some insider info. Like the fact that they have these in the back in stock and will be releasing them either this Thursday or next Thursday. The man even went to the back of the warehouse to get one so I could see what they were going to look like. They also told me to tell them I was local and they would ring up with a 10% discount. 

But then he told me they had the cats as well were getting the ghosts. Oh my! This is not a good thing that I hit if off so well with the managers. I drive right by here on my way to work everyday. Going to have to set a budget.

We only had one show yesterday so I only had to go up to the arena for the one show. But the phones were busy so I was really exhausted when I got off work. It has been at least 3 or 4 weeks since I had pizza....which is not like me at all. So I treated myself to a pizza and chocolate chip brownie from Pizza Hut. Ah, the convenience of living three minutes away from Pizza Hut. 

Well, there's my weekend wrap up. As you can see, even though I worked the whole weekend I was still able to have a great weekend. Enjoy your Tuesday.

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Terri D said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE Shoney's breakfast buffet!! Wish we had one close by. We always look for them when we travel. Those little Halloween bowls are so cute...I'm going to look for the one with the cats on it!! Fun!!