Putting the gloves on....

Yesterday as I was helping scan tickets at work, it got a little nippy. It made me think about winter and how my hands will free when I do any of the jobs that require me to be outside part of the day, like group greeting. I got to thinking I will need some warm gloves. But the problem is at some point I will be handing out tickets on the groups and the gloves will have to come off. Unless.......

I buy some fingerless gloves. So of course, me being me, I Goggled them. Here were some results I found. 

There are some that just have one thumb hole and the rest of the glove is opened, but your hands and wrists would be nice and warm. 

Then there are styles like but excuse me how is this a glove? This is simply a pretty cuff to keep your wrist warm. But I do like it. 

The you have the type that I call a flip back mitten. You can flip back the finger section and keep your hands till warm. Then when you don't need your fingers for a while, you can close them back up into mittens. I really like this style.

And then there is the classic part of the fingers is covered and the tips are still free.

This type also comes with the flip back mitten cover. Perfect for typing if you are in an outside booth where the air comes in your little booth window.

Then there are those that look like people just cut their glove off at the length they want. Lots of opportunity to unravel if you ask me.

I saw these with buttons and thought. Hmm. I like the cable knit but not sure I want my gloves to "stare" at me. Then I realized they were cute and decided I like them.  

But this owl pair was probably my favorite of all. Too, too adorable. Ms. Debbie at Breathing in Grace needs these.

Either way I go, I see some investments in gloves in my future this winter.


Patsy said...

Cute! I like this idea.

Mary Hutchins said...

Stopping by to say hello!! Yep, you definitely need some of those!! Hope your day is happy and blessed.

Debbie Huffaker said...

Yes....I love the owlie ones. I actually have a scarf pattern with owls like that, but haven't tackled it yet! Let us know which ones you choose. But what about the rest of your body? I'd freeze to death if I had to stand out in the cold....brrrrr!!!