The day ahead....

What is it that causes the simplest plans to go astray? I did get some crafts done yesterday, but not as much as I had hoped. However, that was my fault because I got sidetracked .... a lot.... by myself. I decided to get some of my Halloween stuff out. I'm going to finish that project and some more crafts today and again over the weekend. So hopefully, by Monday I'll have some great posts to show. Here is just a sneak peak showing one of the mini no-sew runners I made.

In the meantime....An update on last night. My Thirty-One meeting was fabulous and I learned a lot of new tips and techniques to use in my business. I feel like I was kind of floating the last few months because I just couldn't seem to stay organized and focused. But I came away with some amazing ideas so I'm going to go spend today getting my Thirty-One business back on track and organized. I'm going to do a Facebook party so I can take advantage of the new Hostess Exclusive offer of the medium utility tall with the insert and lid for just $25.00. It comes in other patterns, but I want the snow men.

We also got the Holiday Gift Guide last night with the new line of items offered for Christmas. Here's just a few of the items.

October is always a great month for a party. Two of my followers have already held Facebook parties with me. We party for a week on Facebook. You never leave your home and the only thing you need to do is invite your Facebook friends and share the party link with your friends and family. That's it. I do the rest by posting every day in the Facebook event, playing games and answering questions. The last three Facebook parties I have had the hostesses earned anywhere from $55 - $110 in free products, one or two 1/2 price items, and the choice to purchase one of the four hostess exclusive items at very low prices. Let me know if you want to try a party.


Terri D said...

Brenda, I had so much fun doing the Facebook Thirty-One party with you! Good golly, you did all the work! All I did was make it available to my friends and I loved the hostess specials and freebies I got! I LOVE my Thirty-one totes and purses! Awesome products!

Mary Hutchins said...

Great that you learned some new tips, hope they help you to be even more successful with Thirty-One!