Weekend wrap up...

I was off work on Friday so my friend, Sherrie, and I went to McKay's bookstore. I didn't have many to return for trade in value, I was hoping to get at least $5 or $6. But I ended up with $16 in trade in credit and these came to $20.05 so I only paid $4.05 for 15 books. You just gotta love a great deal. Really happy that I found the rest of my Sherryl Wood Destiny series. Plus I was able to find the first four in the Virgin River series by Robyn Carr. I also got a couple of books that are Christmas romances. These should all last me till the middle or end of December. 

Every year around Thanksgiving/Christmas, Necco puts out Orange Creme Thin Mints. They are so addictive. I buy them up when I find them so I can have them through the holidays. Family Dollar had three boxes the other day, so I snatched them up.

I cut out my plastic canvas to start making some snowmen. Four or five of my friends want one of these so I need to get busy. It takes about one to one and a half hours to make one in the canvas. I just have to gather twigs somewhere before I start assembling them. I'm just doing the canvas pieces for now.

Saturday was a 10 hour work day and they fed us pizza around 4:00. I had a piece then and another piece around 8:30 so I wasn't really hungry, but stopped by the store to pick up some trash bags and decided to get some caramel dipping sauce for my apples. That reminded me I needed Hershey's syrup which remind me I was out of ice cream. So trash bags turned into this.

Once I got it all home, I realized that I WAS hungry. So I had a late night snack. Am I the only one that fines humor in the fact that I eat a decadent, calorie laden dessert at 11:00 at night in a bowl that says "Nourish". Pretty sure this isn't the right kind of nourishment but man was it delicious.

Since we are decorating today at work for Christmas, they let us have any of the fall mums when we left on Saturday so I took this pretty bunch. Got up Sunday morning before I went to church and decided to grab the piece of old wood laying under my porch and scrub it up and write on it. Not bad for a impromptu fall decor for the rest of the fall through Thanksgiving.

I work a short day today, so I should be home in time to treat the little trick or treaters that come to my house tonight. I don't usually get many, but I always get something to hand out just in case. 

Have a Happy Halloween!

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