Moving forward....

Now that the craziness is over, I am so excited to start planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I changed my blog look today. I couldn't find one for Thanksgiving, so I skipped to a Christmas one. I struggled with it saying Happy Holidays because of all the hoopla about using that. But this is the only template I could find that worked with blogger that I liked. But that's okay, I added Merry Christmas to my blog description and put a pic on the side for Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. Plus I figure my followers know that I would not leave Christ out of Christmas. And I do have some friends who celebrate Hanukkah so I don't want to leave them out. So I am sticking with this blog template unless I find something else I like.

I am off work today and have a busy day planned. In addition to my weekly laundry and housecleaning chores, I plan on making a run to our new Ollie's that opened up last week. They always have the most amazing bargains. Here are a few of the sales they are having starting today that I want to check out. I am very interested in the yarn special.

And these cook books would make great Christmas gifts.

I want to check out their Christmas decor, especially the ribbon that is on sale.

And it never hurts to look at a good deal on warm boots.

Definitely stopping by the adult coloring books. I think a couple of these would be great to have to work on these cold winter nights come the first of the year.

After I get home from Ollie's I have a couple craft projects to finish up. Then I'll be heading to church to start checking the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes to make sure they don't have anything that is not allowed in them and get them ready to take to the drop off center next week. 

It's going to be a busy day.

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Terri D said...

That is a busy day indeed! I wish we had an Ollie's close by. I think there is one in Orlando. Someday I should look it up. Good luck with your shopping!