My favorite time of year...

Today kicks off my favorite time of year. I have a busy work schedule the first few days of week so I have to squeeze a lot in during the early morning and late night. But I am up for the challenge. Thanksgiving day I will be watching the parade. It's just something I never miss.

I don't eat turkey so I will be having baked ham glazed with orange marmalade. It's my favorite way to have ham.

I always have baked beans. I just can't have ham without baked beans. It's not Thanksgiving otherwise. Still on the fence as whether I have mashed potatoes or potato salad. We will have to wait and see.

And I have Black Friday and Saturday off so there is some major Christmas shopping plans in my future. I have been searching the online ads, but I will do the major looking at the paper ads on Thursday.

I always love looking at the Walmart ads for jammies and fleece. Plus I love the snowman Christmas sweater they have this year for $9. I will be checking that out for sure.

I go by myself on Friday, but I always hook up by phone or in stores with my daughter-in-law and we usually have lunch somewhere near wherever we are at lunch time. Saturday I go with my daughter and granddaughter. We normally end up at Steak & Shake for lunch over near Turkey Creek shopping complex in Knoxville. I love those two days of shopping. Usually end up with most of my Christmas gifts bought those two days.

Then I start my decorating around Saturday evening and finish on Monday. This is my favorite Christmas display in my house. This picture is from last year, but I always try to recreate this every year in my kitchen. Love the aqua and blues together.  

This was my HUGE tree last year. I loved it but I had to sell it because when I downsized, it won't fit in my new living room.

But these 6.5 foot ones would from Target and they are on sell for $30. That will be my main thing to look for on Friday. If they are out, Walmart has some similar and the regular price at Walmart is $39. So either way, I'm getting a tree with the multi colored lights.

I see lots of list making over the next few days to make sure I know what I'm looking for.


Mary Hutchins said...

We do have turkey on Thanksgiving but usually have a ham too! It is a busy time of year, anxious to see pictures of your new tree!

Terri D said...

List making is a must this time of year!! I've never made ham with marmalade before. Sounds delicious! I'm roasting a turkey with all the traditional trimmings. We do ham for Christmas andI may have to try it with orange marmalade! Yum!

Rachel said...

I love this time of the year! Have you ever tried Sugardale Ham? We love it. Been buying it the last couple of years. It is spiral cut and it is delicious. We buy sugardale bacon too. You can also get Sugardale ham in the deli at the grocery store. Try some.