My wish list....

As we approach the Christmas season, I need to get started on my Christmas shopping. I have some ideas in mind for my family but need to get with my daughter and daughter-in-law to go over them so I can start some early shopping or at least price comparisons. 

I am like a kid at Christmas and always love waking up on Christmas morning to find what goodies Allen always had for me under the tree. Don't get me wrong, I know that gifts are not the true meaning of Christmas and if I had nothing at all, I would be fine. But there are some things I need and a few things I want. So I am going to do a little shopping for myself and put it under the tree. I need a new purse. All the ones I have are Thirty-One and they are getting old, but I don't really see any in our Thirty-One catalog that I like right now. But I did see this purse at West Town mall and fell in love with it. I may have to add that to my wish list. 

And I adore these sweater pajamas at Dillard's. They look so comfy and warm.

I need a new full length robe for these chilly mornings. I saw this one at Walmart for just $20 so that is not bad at all.

One other thing that I really want, I have asked the kids to get me for my birthday. I want a new Hamilton Beach stand mixer. Here is the one I am in love with. I had one of those big Kitchen Aid expensive ones but I never did like that thing. So I want this one for my birthday.

I can't wait to get to work this morning. I had an awesome hot chocolate the other day and I want to get another one as soon as I hit the door this morning. It was the richest hot chocolate I have ever had. I like how we do Christmas at Dixie.

Have a great Monday.

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Terri D said...

You have a good wish list started!! I love my Kitchenaid mixer and wouldn't trade it for any other - but I have used it for a good 26 years or so, and it is still working like new. I like that robe you chose and the price is right! I'm sure Santa is listening!