Pyrex Plans

I have put my Pyrex on hold these past 6 months or so. I sold off a lot of it during my downsizing move, but now I am ready to revamp. I've been looking at what I have and have created my wish list for what I want to start looking for when 2017 rolls around. The girls were washing my Pyrex that we used the other night and it reminded me of some pieces I am missing to complete a set or add to it. So here is my 2017 wish list so I don't forget what I'm looking for when the time comes.

This is the last piece I need to complete my Cinderella set. It's the Town & Country 443.

I am also searching for the 043 Town & Country. I hope to find it with the lid, but will take it without and then try to find a lid later.

I love the Town & Country Fridgie set. But my first piece I want in this is the 503 on the bottom.

I don't want to collect an entire Friendship set because I'm not a fan of the solid. But I do want the 401 and the 403 because I love the pattern. But I just want to find it in the mixing bowls, not the Cinderella.

This is like one of the hard to find sizes. The 404. Most people never parted with the big 404 size. But I would love to find one in the Colonial Mist. 

And this is on my wish list even though it is not the vintage. They took some vintage patterns and modernized them with a new look and new type material. They even come with lids in some cases. These will be easy to find because they have them in tons of patterns at my local Corelle store in Tanger Outlet. I've been debating for months on getting set and have decided it may very well be my first purchase in 2017.

That's my wish list for 2017. I will have fun on my days off hitting the antique stores and yard sales.

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