The Holiday Weekend...

Thanksgiving is upon us. I had my Thanksgiving with my family this past Saturday and it was wonderful. I have to work part of the day tomorrow, but it will be a short day compared to what I normally work. We are having a Thanksgiving dinner at work and there will be turkey and ham and tons of side dishes with desserts. I am bringing a cake. Thinking it will be a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

When I saw what all we were having for our gathering, I am rethinking what I want to fix for myself for the holiday weekend. I had ham left over from our family gathering so I have had a couple of ham sandwiches this week, not to mention I will eat ham tomorrow at work. So I think I may just make my baked beans and figure something out to go with them.But I do have the desserts figured out. I want a graham cracker pie and chocolate no bake cookies.

That is the ONLY pie I eat and I only make it at holidays. Not sure why, because I love it so I could make it whenever I want. It has just always been a holiday dessert. It's just vanilla pudding in graham cracker crust. But it is the meringue that makes it so good. I also want to make some peanut butter candy to have to munch on over the weekend. 

I have a few presents I want to pick up this weekend. But I am going to also pick up some wrapping paper and set up a table in my spare room to wrap on. Every year, I end up taking one day to wrap all my presents for the family and then wish I had done it as I went. The way I work this year, I am thinking I will be better off to wrap as I buy so I'm not overwhelmed by everything at one time.

I sat down last night and pulled out the Christmas DVD collection of my faves that I cannot miss during the holiday. I always start my Thanksgiving morning off by baking or making desserts while I have Miracle on 34th Street. That will never change. And I'm not the huge fan of the Hallmark Christmas movies. These are my go to movies every Christmas.

I no longer have a VCR so I need to find my other four favorites....Santa Claus The Movie, The Santa Claus, A Christmas Story and one that I am probably the only one who has ever watched it and I only bought it because of who stars in it. It was called Christmas Comes to Willow Creek. I just found it online at Walmart and ordered it in the DVD. I can't wait to get it.


Rachel said...

Sounds good! Happy Thanksgiving! Love you!

Terri D said...

Most of our Christmas gifts are gift cards these days, so wrapping is easy. I used to set aside a day to just wrap and it is exhausting so doing it as you go is a much better idea! We have DVDs of lots of Christmas movies, but on our 'must see' list are at least four different Scrooge movies, It's a Wonderful Life, The Christmas Story, and Christmas Vacation. We also like the Santa Clause movies with Tim Allen. Wising you a blessed Thanksgiving!! All the food sounds DELICIOUS!