Weekend wrap up...

It was a fantastic weekend. On Thursday, I did have to work that evening but we had a big Thanksgiving feast with lots of great food. I munched and ate most of the evening. I had some fantastic lemon creme pound cake and ate some of the chocolate chip cookies I took. But the highlight was the mashed potatoes Debbie Couch made. I couldn't get enough of those. Best mashed potatoes ever. I made myself a few slices of ham, some baked beans potato salad and deviled eggs. I had my own Thanksgiving dinner before heading out to work and it was delicious.

Friday, I went Black Friday shopping. I didn't see a lot in the ads that I wanted, but there were a few things that I did want and I was able to get everything I had on my list. But I can't show you because family reads my blog. I had a great lunch at Cracker Barrel with my daughter-in-law and we talked throughout the day comparing shopping notes and ended up together at Target before lunch. Saturday, I got up and heading out shopping again with my daughter and granddaughter. We mostly went to places to look for some Christmas decor she saw in the ads and then of course ended up at Walmart. 

Friday afternoon and Saturday evening I did most of my decorating. I will share those pics tomorrow, but today I wanted to show you the amazing tree transformation. First thing I got Friday was the $15 unlit tree from K-mart that I wanted. Wasn't sure how much room I had for a tree so I didn't want to go crazy with an expensive tree, get it set up and find out it didn't fit and have to take it back. So I just decided this year to get the cheapest I could find, buy a few packs of lights and see how it worked. I will get a better one on the after Christmas sales. 

I took it out of the box and put it together. Just three pieces to slip together. I knew I would have to fluff it to get some shape to it, but I was appalled when I saw what it looked like. A million thoughts ran through my head. I thought a Charlie Brown tree would be better. No amount of fluffing was going to fix this disaster. 

But it was Friday night and I had all evening with nothing to do so I decided to at least attempt to shape it and fluff it. The more I fluffed and shaped and worked with it, the better it started looking. I am the queen of fluffing trees. I did 6 of them at work this year and some were 7 and 8 feet tall. So I was up for the challenge. After the fluffing, it didn't look nearly as hideous. Then, I thought well I'll string the lights and see. Looked even better with the lights on so I added the tinsel. Looking better with each steps. Finally the ornaments and my favorite the old fashioned silver icicles (you can cover a multitude of flaws with icicles. When all was said and done, I just had to step back and admire the transformation. I am now in love with my little tree and don't plan to get a new one after all. It is the perfect size. Just goes to show you what a little love and a lot of patience can do.

Can you believe that's the same tree? I was so amazed. I'll take pics of everything else today and post them for your tomorrow. I still have a few areas to makes some last minute touches to, which I plan to finish today. Have a great Monday!


Terri D said...

WOW!! What a pretty tree! I have some experience fluffing trees too. My work used to do a Festival of Trees each year and we all had to help fluff and shape. I wore gloves to do it and still had scratched up arms. It's hard work! You did an awesome job!

Rachel said...

Looks great!

Lady Jane said...


Gail Travis said...

You really did a great job with the tree. The before picture is pitiful. I share your love of Pyrex. Seeing the news about Gatlinburg and thinking of you.