Busy, busy, busy....

I have a busy day ahead of me. Lots to do still. When I have days like this, I always remember the guy in the Frosty cartoon that says "Busy, busy, busy". That's how I feel. I had a four day weekend so I got a lot done. Just wanted to finish the rest up so I am ready on the 24th for Christmas with the family.

We did our first snow last night. Some surrounding areas did receive a very light dusting. But this is the entirety of all I got at my house....just some in seal of my car window. That was it. But it is Christmas week and that is snow so I'm counting it as my Christmas snow for the year.

The great rearranging of my spare room has begun. I have pulled stuff out of the closet and am deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. I have an entire bedding set and some small spare pillows that I have to find a place to store. After Christmas, I am going to make pillow shams with some beachy material for throw pillows on my bed.

I have a few presents to finish wrapping today but I'm going to wait until tonight and do that while I watch Prancer. Can you guess what else I am going to do today?

That's right. I am going to make some cookies and some fudge for Christmas gifts and for work. A couple of people went in with me to buy all the stuff, but I get the fun of making them today. Then I will bake for the family on Friday or Christmas eve morning so everything will be fresh for our party.

I think the elves are getting excited about the grandkids coming over and turning Frosty on. Frosty has some fresh new batteries waiting for Christmas Eve. The kids love to play him as he dances and sings Frosty the Snowman...over and over and over. One year, Papaw figured out how to muffle the speaker so he isn't as loud. It's just not Christmas without them getting to play Frosty. 

Time to get busy, those cookies aren't going to bake themselves.

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Terri D said...

It sure is that time of year and the baking needs to begin, for sure!! I want to finish wrapping tonight and then I can start the baking....