Edgar & Eli

I have no children at home any more, but the granddaughters love when I blog about Edgar, who I have had since Daddy bought him to hang on my first Christmas tree in my new home about 36 years ago. So when Elf on the Shelf became popular Edgar came to life and has created havoc in my home for several Christmas's now. Last year, I thought he was lonely so I found Eli so he would have a buddy to get into mischief with. Yesterday, they decided I was procrastinating on my Christmas baking so they took it upon themselves to decide on my cookie recipes for this year. Edgar even borrowed my reading glasses and was making a list of the ingredients I would need.

They have decided that I need to make Pecan Crispy's which was one of my mother-in-laws recipes that she made each year. I haven't had them since she passed away 25 years ago. She made them to perfection so I have been afraid to try them because if they don't turn out, I'll be so upset.

I am going to make peanut butter cookies from scratch with Mom's recipe. You chill the dough for about 3 hours in the fridge before you make the cookies. They turn out to melt in your mouth. She always chilled the dough in the big yellow primary Pyrex mixing bowl. I have that same bowl so that is what I am going to use.  

One of my favorites is the brownie cookie. You make it with Duncan Hines chewy brownie mix only follow cookie recipe on their website and it is to die for. 

Of course Christmas is not complete without my no-bake oatmeal cookies. Going to make these a couple different times this month.

This isn't a cookie, but for the first time in years and years, I think I will try to make Mamaw Eden's Hershey Chocolate Syrup cake. It's very easy, but you have to time the icing just right or it won't set up. 

Won't be long until I will be saying "Let the baking begin."


Anonymous said...

Edgar and Eli are so cute!! Love all the cookies you'll be making...I think you have inspired me to make cookies!!

Sandi said...

These all look wonderful, especially the brownie cookies!

Terri D said...

Oh my gosh, now I'm ready to eat some of those. Do you share your recipes? The pecan crispies sound really really good!