It's almost here....

Last day of work today before Christmas. When I get off this evening, I plan on starting my baking for the holiday. But this morning, I need to make something for the work Christmas party. I am taking the cinnamon roll french toast casserole. I go in at 9:00 and we start eating from morning till close. It's an all day buffet. Thought this would be good for the brunch portion of the day.

We are having our Secret Santa exchange at work and I can't wait to give my gift to the lady I drew. She is going to love it. But I can't post it here because it's a secret.

I got the rest of my gifts wrapped earlier this week and they are under the tree waiting for our Christmas party. I am so excited for my family to come over. I have a lot of cooking/baking to do tomorrow, but it is so worth it to have family time. This was my Christmas pic with the grandbabies last year. It is one of my favorite pics because they are all smiling. Of course, they are always laughing and smiling....until you point a camera at them. LOL

Hope everyone is getting their final items marked off their to do list.


Debbie Huffaker said...

In case I don't get another chance to tell you....MERRY CHRISTmas!! HOPE yours is awesomely blessed!

Mary Hutchins said...

Great picture of you and the kids!! Merry Christmas!!

Terri D said...

That breakfast dish looks SO good!! Your home will be filled with so much love and laughter. I know how much you are looking forward to it! I have a little more baking to do tomorrow, before we go to church and then to the airport to pick up our son. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!! Peace & hugs!


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