It's almost a new year....

I can't believe it is a new year just around the corner. Today is my last day of work for a few days. I'll be off somewhere between 5-6 days I think. We don't have the schedule yet. I may work one or two days next week but maybe not any. I will welcome the break. I want to take the tree down and get my house back into normal order. 

I'm thinking I will do a marathon watching my fave movies on Saturday night. Just not sure what my fave movies are any more because I rarely watch movies. 

But whatever I do, I plan to get some rest in the process. Have a great Friday.


Sandi said...

Lovely tree! I can't believe it is almost time to take it down.

A movie suggestion: Sabrina. Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond. Fantastic!

Mary Hutchins said...

Hope you enjoy your days off..I'm sure you'll find a good movie, there are so many to choose from. Happy New Year.

Terri D said...

How great that you will have a nice break after such a hard run of long shifts! Enjoy the rest and the movies!! Check in with us when you can!


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