Ugly Sweater Day

We are having an Ugly Sweater Contest at work today. Since I am a group greeter, I will only have to wear the sweater during the contest time. I wasn't going to fool with it, but decided at 6:00 this morning to see if I could throw something together. Checked my closet and found this sweatshirt that I bought for $5 last year that is not that comfortable so I never wear it. 

So I rummaged through my Christmas craft stock to see if I could decorate it in any way.

Had some pretty Christmas ribbon so I made a bow.

Had some felt Santa's and Snowmen so I made one of each.

Took the pipe cleaners and twisted the red and silver shiny ones into candy cane shapes.

Tied the candy canes with ribbon that has peppermint candy and candy canes on it.

Glued the candy canes over top the candy canes screen printed on the shirt.

Glued the ribbon over the ribbon.

Glued some snowflake buttons over the snowflakes.

Stuck Santa and Snowman in the center of the wreath. And there you have it, my hideous ugly sweater.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Not very tacky....actually, cute!!! ;-) So, if there's a prize for cuteness, you should win!!!

Terri D said...

Well, it really isn't ugly - you embellished its cuteness. What I am amazed at is that you had all the stuff in your craft supplies and you just put it together so fast and so well! Your creativity always amazes me. Wow!

Sandi said...


You know what? I wouldn't call that ugly. I kinda like it!

Rachel said...

Turned out good. Love it. ❤️