Weekend wrap up

I am a day late on my weekend wrap up. I tried to post yesterday but got so sidetracked that I forgot to do it before I went to work. Our whole family went to Dixie Stampede Friday night to celebrate the December birthdays that are coming up in the next week. We had a blast. I did manage to get some pictures of the grandchildren during the saloon show. 

L-R: Shelby, Alexis, Colby


Garret and his girlfriend Hannah.

We had a wonderful night. On Saturday, I worked 12:00 - 10:00 but the phones were slow so I got to come home at 5:00. I took advantage of getting off early to finish the decor on my dining room table. I had not done the table yet because I couldn't decide what to do on the centerpiece on my tray.

I had some odd and end pieces that I pulled together and put them with my Santa cardinal I found at Target, I think. Can't remember for sure. But I did like how it turned out.

I was off Sunday and got a text from our Guest Services Department with a picture circulating on Facebook saying Dixie Stampede was on fire, which is understandable that people would think that when this is what they saw. In reality, the wreath on the front of the building had an electrical short in the lights and the wreath caught on fire, not the Stampede. Fire department had it out in no time since they are just a few blocks away from us. There was no damage to the building. It was no big deal. But as a result, the majority of our phone calls yesterday were just people wanting to know if we burned to the ground. 

I wasn't working Sunday so I decided to make some cookies. I made oatmeal chocolate chip and brownie cookies. On the last batch of brownie cookies, with just 2 minutes left to cook, I heard a really loud pop from my oven. I went in the kitchen and smoke was coming out of the oven. I opened the door and my element had some flames on it but they burned out immediately when I opened the door. Now all that is left is a badly burned element and no oven...during cookie season! But my landlord is picking one up and replacing it today or tomorrow so I will be back up and running.

I have been making quite a dent in my Christmas shopping and have more to do. I plan to finish up by the end of next week. Then I can wrap everything on my day off and bake all the goodies that I'm giving as gifts. The week after that, I will be busy getting everything ready for our family party on Christmas eve. I just love family time. I am really looking forward to everything coming up this month.


Rachel said...

Love your tray decor on kitchen table. Great pictures of the kids! Garrets girl friend is really cute! 🎄

Terri D said...

I like your centerpiece! How great that all the kids got to go to the Stampede! Had to be fun! I'm so happy the fire didn't get to Dollywood or Dixieland!

Debbie Huffaker said...

Your grand-kiddos are growing up way too fast....just like ours. :( So glad the fire was ONLY a wreath...that had to be scary. Your goodies look yummy....HOPE your oven is fixed by now.