Friday Foto Friends

The past few weeks I've missed out on Friday Foto Friends because I was so slammed I scheduled my posts days in advance. I've missed visiting with everyone on Friday. Today's focus is going to be on the big snow storms raging across the country. I have a friend in New York who posted this on Facebook. She is visiting family for a couple of weeks. Here is her car. Somewhere. under all that snow. She's snuggled in and staying warm.

A friend of a friends posted this today. She said it is what they have gotten so far in Jackson, TN and it is heading our way.

I was going to do a Walmart run this morning but it started snowing pretty heavy so I just went to the grocery store instead (closer to home) because it was coming down pretty fast and furious and looked like an all-dayer. I'm back from the store and working some more on my craft room and this is what we got so far. 

Yep, that's right. They missed again. Our winter forecast is full of might've could've should've and maybe's. Someone posted this on FB yesterday and I do believe this sums up an East Tennessee Winter Storm weather report very good.

Have a fantastic Friday and stay safe if you are lucky enough to get any of the snow. I still have three days left on my winter vacation and when I went to the store, I got stuff for veggie soup and beef stew as well as meatloaf and baked beans. I also stocked up on Reese cups, ice cream and Junior Mints. So I'm in good shape. Bring on the snow. 


Mary Hutchins said...

The weather comment made me laugh....it's soooo true!! Great pictures of a lot of snow, something we don't see in my part of Texas.

Sylvia said...

Your photo's of the snow is really pretty and that's all I want to see of snow. Lovely to look at but it sure causes a lot of mess and can't get out and about. I'm hoping we don't get any in Central Georgia! Enjoy it for me.

Stay warm,

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Oooh, I wanna come stay with you during the storm!!! You've got all the good stuff!!!
Here in Florida we are expecting a lot of rain tomorrow and then cold temps...but NO SNOW! At least not that we know of! It would be pretty unusual for us here in central Florida to get snow, even though it has happened...very briefly, and not sticking around.
The important thing is to stay safe and warm! And enjoy all your goodies!!!

Cathy said...

We got a couple of inches yesterday. While it is very beautiful, I feel that's enough for this year. haha I have to tell you our weather reports here in Ohio are about the same as yours. lol

Have a great weekend.

Debbie Huffaker said...

I was so surprised to get up this morning to.....nothing! Even what we did get earlier has melted. But....I have the TV on and it keeps saying across the bottom of the screen that it's coming...and my Momma says she things we're gonna get a big snow. We'll see. My philosophy is this...."if it's gonna be this cold, then it needs to snow"! ;-) Thanks for linking up!

Regine Karpel said...


annie said...

Junior Mints and Reeses cups? Oh boy. I wanna live by your house!
Yup, crazy weather forecasts that hit and miss.
We are getting snow ..maybe.

Mary said...

We were out of school today for a snow day, only there was no snow! (Not that stuck, anyway!)
Waiting for 4-6 inches that is supposed to start any time now.

Terri D said...

Well, I would be glad to not see snow but that's just me! I'm so happy that I don't have to deal with that white stuff anymore! Nice to see in photos though!

bettyl-NZ said...

Weather forecasters are the only people who don't get fired for doing their job wrong!! I love photos of snow but, having lived in the Chicago area and Kansas for lots of years, I wouldn't care if I never saw more than a light covering!