In keeping with Ms. Debbie's alliteration theme, my blog today will be.....

Friday Finds for Friday Foto Friends

Whew, that was a mouthful. Every time around this year I start looking forward to yard sales. Since I am still in love with anything vintage, I've been to Pinterest, Craigs List and Google looking for some ideas for things to go with my other vintage items that I could keep my eyes open for. One of the first things I was thinking is it would be nice to find a pretty canister set in good shape. Here are some I fell in love with.

Any of these colors go great with my kitchen. The key is finding tin cans that are not rusty.

I would love this set. I have always wanted an old tin breadbox but can never find one in good enough shape that I would store my bread in it.

These look vintage but I bet they aren't because they look so new. But they may be. I love tulips.

But this would be a sweet victory to find a set like this. How adorable is that.

And I bet I'm not the only one who remembers these old plastic ones.

I was also looking for things with tulips and found these. At first I thought they were salt & pepper but they are for sugar and flour. Not sure if they have the big holes for sprinkling and are small or just look small and are actually canisters.

Check out this juice jug and glasses. Isn't it gorgeous. 

I've been looking for this set for a long time. Too expensive and too risky to order so much glass online like this. I will keep my eyes open. I have one of the glasses so maybe I will find more.

This would not go in my kitchen of course and there is no room in my house to put it but oh my gosh I fell in love with it on Craig's List. Especially because I love music and the music symbol in the back of the seat is too adorable. 

This isn't vintage but in my search for reds and blues, this popped up. My niece Amy made a sewing machine cover that she gave to me but oh how I would love to try to make one myself.


Sandi said...

It's Friday already???

Love, LOVE those red tulip glasses!

Is that chair for a sewing machine? I have never seen anything like it.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

I love all those vintage cannisters and juice glasses/pitchers...and the sewing machine cover is stunning!!! What a neat idea!! If you ever do find any of those, be sure to show us! I remember stuff like that...from the 50's-60's. Such a colorful generation!! Thank you for reminding us of happy, simpler times.

Mary Hutchins said...

Great finds Brenda. I love finding old things that I can use in my kitchen!!

Sylvia said...

I do remember some of the photo's and I still have some of the 1970's Tupperware canister sets and still use them. They do last a lifetime.

Cathy said...

Cute vintage stuff. I'd like to have a tin bread box too.

Debbie Huffaker said...

Those tins remind me of my Mamaw and things she had in her kitchen when I was growing up. Love the tulip canisters. I have a pretty tulip bowl that was hers. Thanks for linking up and sharing today.

Rachel said...

Remember Mom's red plastic cannister set with white lids? she had it in the 60's. I love the tulip stuff.

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

I love vintage kitchen ware and all your finds are so pretty. I remember as a little girl the phone chair in friend's homes. In our house our one phone was in the hall and we all ran to answer it.

bettyl-NZ said...

So many things from the past make so much sense and gives you a sense of nostalgia. These are awesome finds!