Over the hump day....

It's hard to think of this as over the hump when I have only had to work one day this week. But that is changing as we open up for the new season at Dixie on Friday. We celebrated last night with an end of the year banquet and party at the Holiday Inn. Lots of great times with good friends. 

I even won one of the door prizes. I was so excited. When they announced this was the next prize, I leaned over and said "I need that." and next thing I knew, they called out my number. I was so excited. I hardly ever win anything.

On my way home, I stopped at Walmart to get some new yarn. I want to start on my Easter projects. 

I am going to make an Easter basket and the sides of the basket will be these eggs stitched together. I made one years ago and gave it away, but it was so adorable. And you can do one egg in about 30 minutes so they don't take long. I think it took 3 or 4 eggs per side. I have to look up the dimensions again.

I have some sewing projects I want to start today. So I gathered my materials, pins and scissors. I uncovered the sewing machine. And I froze. I was actually intimidated by it because I haven't sewn in so many years. I'm just making a little straight stitch pillow. That's it. And I just froze. I wasn't even sure I remembered how to thread a sewing machine.

So I did what any smart Suzy Homemaker would do in my position.....I googled it.

You already know from my failure to crochet that I don't do You Tube videos. Watching it does me know good. I have to READ about it to learn anything. So I saved it in PDF and I'm ready to get started. 

I'm going to make some homemade vegetable soup after while for supper. I love veggie soup with peanut butter and Miracle Whip sandwiches. I eat very weird. If you think that's weird, wait till I tell you that I don't eat the veggies. I just eat the broth with crackers in it like you would tomato soup. But I love the broth. But the veggies have to be in it so it gets the right flavor. Told you....WEIRD.

It's a beautiful day today so I have the front door open enjoying some sunlight before cold weather hits again. 

Hope you enjoy your day.

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Mary Hutchins said...

Great post Brenda! It's a nice, warm day down here too, I had my back door open for a while this morning. Congrats on winning the door prize!!!