Saturday Morning

We got our snow we wanted. It's not a whole lot, but it's beautiful. Other parts of the county got more than we did in Kodak. But I am so happy to be snowed in on a day I already had off. View from my back door. 

View from my front door. Neighbor was able to get out but he spun and sputtered all morning trying to get back in.

Going to be hanging out in my p.j.'s and fuzzy socks all day.

I did make a quick run into town yesterday to pick up somethings. I am going to a end-of-year party for work next week and needed some jewelry to go with my black sweater that has some sparkle to it. I wanted a long chain with a sparkly/fake diamond look. I love costume jewelry because I buy it cheap and don't feel guilty if I only wear it every so often. I hate spending a lot of money on jewelry. I have some hoop earrings with rhinestones in them so I found this necklace and bracelet, which is exactly what I was look for. Less than $10 for the whole set. 

Knowing I may be snowbound a day or two and knowing I was almost done organizing my craft room and could actually get some crafting done, I picked up a few things. Stay tuned for the finished product.

What caused me to make the trek into town was the fact my new phone was in. So I went and picked it up and got it all programmed. I am in love with it. It has a great camera, which was one thing I wanted in a new phone. It has a lot of features my old phone doesn't have and I made a really good choice. My daughter and I had Motorola's before and we absolutely loved them. So I went back to that instead of Samsung.

Well, I hope to get a lot accomplished today. Have a great day!


Sandi said...

Fuzzy socks and pajamas here too, mawmaw! I love being snowed in.

Terri D said...

We need fuzzy socks here in Florida too! Got down to 38° last night! That is COLD for us!! I like the jewelry you found and agree with you on buying the less expensive pieces. You can just toss them or give them away when you get tired of them. Great way to go!