Well, what a day...

Yesterday started out with my antiquing trip with Sherrie. We hit just about every antique store on Hwy 66 in Sevierville/Kodak. Mine was mostly a browsing expedition to scout out best buys on a few things I'm looking for.  But I did pick up two items. I am not sure if this is a little sugar bowl or a little candy dish, but I just fell in love with the deep blue color. It matches my carpet. It was only $2.00 so I went ahead and got it even if I'm not sure what it is.

Would you pay 50 cents for a memory? Well, I did. It was spontaneous and it was crazy but it was just 50 cents and I sat it on a shelf in my bathroom.....When I was about 8 or 9 there was a friend of my brothers that was around 6 or 7 and he had a crush on me. His mom sold Avon and he would get her sample lipsticks and little vials of Here's My Heart perfume and give them to me. It was so sweet. Flash forward to the 80's and I met and married Allen. We worked with a girl who sold Avon. Our first Valentine's he ordered me some Avon jewelry and some Here' My Heart perfume. He never knew how much I had loved it growing up. Over the years they quit making it and I started wearing other fragrances, but I always associate Here's my Heart with making me feel special. When I found this little Here's My Heart container, I knew I had to have it.

One booth had their stuff set up like a bedroom with things done in pink. I told Sherrie that as much as I liked my beach bedroom, I still missed my pink and sage green bedroom I had about 10 - 15 years ago. She asked me why didn't I redo it. I got to thinking, and I still have the quilt and pillow shams because I never could part with them. It was my favorite set I had ever owned. I also realized I still had a lot of pink and sage green in my house. This is what my bedroom looked like when I left home yesterday morning. 

We got home at 2:36 and I went straight to work "shopping" my house for pinks and greens. I pulled out my quilt and pillow shams and 58 minutes later, I had a new look in my bedroom.

And I filled it with so many memories. Like these little flowers in the green vase. They are a peachy pink but I keep them because one year, Allen bought a beautiful basket and bought a bunch of these flowers. He made an amazing flower arrangement in that basket and stuffed it full of Mounds, Milky Way and Junior Mints and had it waiting as my Easter basket on Easter morning. That was a lot of work to make sure I had a happy Easter. Men don't usually do that. The little tea cup and the candy dish we found one time when we were antiquing together.

One year, he bought me this tea pot for Valentine's day. The pretty candle holder with the flowers on it was a gift from my son's family one year. There is a funny story with it. Do you see the little doll figurine beside the flower vase? Me and Allen played video games at Fanny Farkles in Gatlinburg until I got enough tickets to get it. Over the years, the little bear at her feet broke off and won't stay glued on but I never lost it. At one time, the little girl and the candle house thing sat in my bathroom. My granddaughter, Alexis, would take the little bear and put it in the little house every time she came over. They go home and a few days later I would see my bear was missing and I would look in the candle house and there it was. Then when my granddaughter Shelby came along, Alexis taught her how to put it in there as well. I will never, ever part with those two things because it's the stuff memories are made of.

I got this doll when my daughter worked for a doll store and I first got this quilt. My mom was doing a lot of crafting at the time and she made me a Sun Bonnet Sue to match the doll. When we were little, we always went to visit a lady next door. Ms. Gibson always had dolls on her bed and I have done it a time or two myself and actually have a few around the house.

I am very happy to have my pink and green bedroom back and have my doll back on my bed....even if I am 60 years old.  

I have a pink cat I got for a buck at a yard sale several years ago. Turns out his neck is perfect to hold my favorite bracelets. I thought this was a cute idea. You know me and my repurposing gene. 

And of course he goes great with the hand Alexis made me for my rings a couple of years ago. 

I also moved in my daisy planter that is one of my favorite arrangements I own. And since my Little Women doll Meg is the right color, I put her on top of the chest. So there you have it, a whole room redo in under one hour. I love when I get to shop my house and get a makeover without spending a dime.


Mary Hutchins said...

Love the blue 'whatever it is' bowl. I have a lot of blue in my house and I would have had to have it too. Your bedroom make-over is great, I was amazed how fast you made the change!!

Rachel said...

Very pretty! I love the pink cat. He matches your bedroom perfect! I always liked your bedroom like that! I have a blue and white cat in my bedroom that matches my comforter. Have a good day! 😊

Terri D said...

You should sell "Shop Your House" as a new HGTV designing show!! You are SO creative, Brenda!