Brain overload...

Pinterest is NOT my friend. It has my mind reeling with so many ideas. I am still trying to wrap my head around the theme and style in my craft room. I finally love the layout of the room but the decor is still a hodge-podge of everything. I just keep getting ideas and posting them on my blog hoping I will get inspiration and finally decide HOW I want to decorate. Here's some more recent finds. 

Check out all these adorable vintage clocks. I just noticed last night that I don't have a clock in my office and depend on my computer clock, but the computer is not on all the time. So I think on my antique shopping this coming week, I will look for a clock.

This is a cute display, but I don't want to do this whole thing. 

But it did inspire me to incorporate flowers into my room in some vintage tins. 

Or some old galvanized piece I can distress with some antiquing and use it for my mail.

I saw this and fell in love. I think crystal salt shakers are adorable but I don't really need a ton of salt shakers. And this is very cute if you do a lot of glitter project, but I may glitter something at Christmas if at all. But, I thought it would be cute to find a couple of old glass cheese shakers and salt or sugar shakers and fill them with bath salts and put in the bathroom. Hmm, I need to think about this some more.

If you have a ton of small scissors you keep misplacing (which I do), this is a great idea. I think I loved it so much because I have this milk glass vase already and I have lots of little scissors. I can do this.

I have lace curtains in my craft room and when I'm ad my desk I lke them pulled back so I can see outside, but I can't find matching lace tie-backs for them. all my life I have loved glass door knobs and wanted to buy a few but didn't know what I would do with them. Problem solved. Now to find a couple.

I fell in love with this but could never do it because #1, I would never paint my bookshelves and #2 I would never buy that much material that I wasn't using so the shelves would be empty. But it is still pretty.

This is cute for all those pieces of leftover ribbon or lace that were left over on a project, but not enough to go back on the spool, but too much to throw away. 

Oh my gosh, I want a Radio Flyer to do this with because this is so cute and I love little red wagons. 

That gives me some ideas so I'm reading to go on another vintage hunt to antiques and thrift stores next week!


Terri D said...

All great ideas and I really love the milk glass vase that holds the scissors! Awesome idea!

Rachel said...

Those are some great ideas! 😀