My house keeps evolving...

A few weeks ago, I redid the craft room how I wanted it. Just need to tweak a few things on the wall over the craft table. I need to go get me a new printer this weekend so I can start literally pinning craft ideas I want to do on my bulletin board so I don't forget to do them. I pin so much stuff on Pinterest, I forget what I planned to do.

Then last week, I changed the decor in my bedroom. The only thing I still want for in there is to make a couple of throw pillows. I got the idea for what I want to make when I saw this baby blanket somebody made. I want it to look like quilt squares. I do want some pink/green floral but I also want to incorporate some green chenille. I just love the look of this.

I need to pick up something new for my coffee table centerpiece, but not sure what I'm looking for. I'm keeping my options open but will know it when I see it. My kitchen is just needing some more Pyrex. These are the next three additions I would like to find. 

Bathroom needs a new beach shower curtain. I will go to Bed, Bath and Beyond this month to look for that. I also like this from Overstock.com. My bathroom doesn't have the best lighting so this would be a great improvement over the dark blue one on there now.

That just leaves my dining room to get it how I want it. I am going to go with white and blue in there. I fell in love with the tablecloth. I can't remember where it is, but I made a note of it and they have it in the 102" to fit my big dining room table.  I had a blue and white kitchen many, many years ago and loved it. Wish I had never gotten rid of it.

When I had it before, the centerpiece was a pitcher and bowl from Home Interior that I got for my mother-in-law years ago. When she passed away, my father-in-law gave it to me. It is the only thing we were ever given that belonged to Allen's mom. So I will always treasure it. I think it will look great on my kitchen table once again. 

On my little entry table right as you come in the door and go through the dining room, I want to find a vintage pitcher and glasses with blue flowers. This is pretty, but I think there is too much green in it though I love the picket fences. 

I have a tiny table in the corner that I would love to have this little coffee pot on.

Here are the cups that go with the pitcher. I never believe I will find either though because I have been looking for years. They are vintage Arcopal dishes. Arcopal started in 1958 when the founder had visited the US and toured the manufacturing of Pyrex. He fashioned his company after what he saw. Many people call this French Pyrex, though it isn't really. 

 Well, that's it for the day. Hope you have a great Thursday. Happy Ground Hog day!


Sylvia said...

Have a blessed and happy day too! I love the baby blanket and that design would look good on your bed.

Sandi said...

Love the mugs! And that bathroom design, is that a step up?

Rachel said...

Happy Groundhog Day! Love all that Pyrex! I think the home interior pitcher and bowl would be pretty on your table.

Terri D said...

I love how you find just what you want and then go looking for it in all those little treasure shops you seem to find. I find myself watching for Pyrex and things you have shown to us when I'm out and about. Not because I want them especially, but because you have mentioned them. I love the quilt with the chenille.

Mary Hutchins said...

Wishing you a happy and blessed day. I really like the blue on all the dishes, I love blue!